Hillary’s Poll Numbers Just TANKED In One Of America’s Most Liberal Cities

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers dropped dramatically in the Democratic stronghold of Washington, D.C., according to a Google Consumer Surveys poll published Thursday.

Clinton still led Republican nominee Donald Trump by 6 points, at 38 to 32 percent, but her lead fell dramatically in a poll released in the first Thursday of September, where Clinton led by 25 points, earning 48 percent compared to 22 percent for Trump.

The District of Columbia is ranked “safe Democrat” by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, and statistics site 538, but recent poll numbers could change that determination.

In every election since 1964, the District voted strongly for Democrats, with at least 85 percent voting for Democratic presidential candidates.

Clinton also lost ground in the key swing state of Ohio in a statewide Bloomberg poll published Tuesday. Clinton carried a seven-point-lead in the state, but the latest poll revealed Trump now carrying a five-point-lead, in a stunning turnaround.

Google consumer surveys polls are online polls that survey tens of thousands of people nationwide, the number of registered voters for the District was not released, neither was the margin of error. The poll began Sept. 7 and continued through Sept. 13.

Source: The Daily Caller

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