How Biden plans to fight Trump in 2024, hoping for a repeat win

U.S. President Joe Biden gestures as he delivers a speech during a campaign event at the Mother Emanuel AME Church, the site of the 2015 mass shooting, in Charleston, South Carolina, U.S., January 8, 2024. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo Acquire Licensing Rights
Published January 25, 2024
WASHINGTON, Jan 24 (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden is getting the opponent he thinks he was made to beat in 2024.
Donald Trump‘s decisive victory in the first two Republican presidential contests in Iowa and New Hampshire make almost certain what Biden’s re-election campaign has predicted for months.
It’s a rematch they say they are confident Biden will win, even as public opinion polls show him tied with Trump and Americans are angry over high prices and question his age, his economic plans and his policies on the border and in the Middle East.
To beat Trump again, as he did in 2020, Biden’s team is focused on warning that Trump poses a serious threat to U.S. democracy, and that abortion and other personal freedoms are at stake. They are banking on that approach winning over independents and sparking enthusiasm among lukewarm Democrats.
Biden, 81, made the controversial decision to run for a second term in large part because he was convinced he would face Trump, 77, and because he thinks he is the Democrat who can beat him in the November election.
“If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running,” Biden said at a fundraising event last month. “We cannot let him win.”
Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez told reporters on Wednesday that “the results out of New Hampshire confirm that Donald Trump has all but locked up the GOP nomination and the election-denying anti-freedom MAGA movement has completed its take over of the Republican Party.”
Exit polls show that most Republican voters don’t care about Trump’s string of criminal indictments and many believe untrue claims that Biden did not win the 2020 election fairly.
That has persuaded many in Biden’s camp that there is little reason to try to reach Trump supporters in a bruising campaign.
At this point, most Americans either love Trump or hate him, Biden campaign aides said – and the same is true of Biden. The 2024 election will be focused on who can find their voters and turn them out.


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Published January 23, 2024

Stephen A. Smith is calling out Democrats for relying on an octogenarian such as President Biden to beat former President Trump at the ballot box.

“It is an absolute disgrace on the part of the Democratic Party — Democrats, liberals … progressives — and you’re begging an 82-year-old man to run for reelection,” Smith said in a Tuesday interview on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show.”

“What the hell have you been doing that in the year 2024 you have to rely on an 82-year-old to beat a 78-year-old man with four indictments, 91 counts against him?” Smith asked.

Biden is 81, while Trump is 77.

“How the hell are we sitting here in the year 2024 and that’s what you need in order to beat him?” the ESPN personality and podcast host exclaimed to Stern.

“Not Nikki Haley. Not Chris Christie. Not even Ron DeSantis,” Smith continued.

“No, you need an 82-year-old man to run for reelection because you could not come up — over the span of the last six, seven years — you couldn’t come up with a candidate that’s more capable of beating Donald Trump,” Smith said.

“I think that is the ultimate indictment against the Democratic Party. I think that they have dropped the ball on a litany of issues, which are things I’ve told some of them to their face,” Smith, who described himself as an independent, said.

Stern, who’s been a prominent critic of Trump, told Smith that he disagreed.



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Published January 24, 2024
WashingtonCNN — President Joe Biden officially turned the page Wednesday to the general election, looking ahead to a race against former President Donald Trump that will test his ability to reenergize key corners of his winning coalition in a race his team views as nothing less than a fight for democracy itself.

The campaign believes results from New Hampshire’s primary were enough to indicate Trump would be the Republican nominee. As the starting gun fired, the contours of Biden’s efforts and challenges in reconvening critical voting blocs that helped propel him into office were coming into sharper view.

Biden’s path to victory will not be an easy one. His campaign advisers readily acknowledge the race this year will be exceedingly close and say their efforts will accelerate over the coming weeks. He faces a party that, according to polls, would have preferred a different candidate. And divisions within his coalition, most visibly over the war in Gaza, have increasingly spilled into public view.

On Tuesday, those ruptures were on vivid display during a speech in Virginia about abortion rights – otherwise a galvanizing issue for Democrats. Biden was interrupted more than a dozen times by people protesting the war in Gaza, who were eventually drowned out by supporters cheering Biden on. Hours after, he was projected to win the New Hampshire primary race even though his name wasn’t on the ballot.

On Wednesday, he secured the key backing of the United Auto Workers, which had initially held off endorsing Biden amid concerns about his push toward electric vehicles. The backing was vindication after Biden’s appeals to union members and working-class voters – including a visit to a UAW picket line last year. The announcement could have its biggest effect in Michigan, which Biden won by 3 points in 2020.





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