How South Africa is Committing Suicide by Starvation through the Genocide of White Farmers!

Image: Farm attack, severely assaulted and kidnapped farmer fights back, saves himself, Leandra

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Murders against farmers in South Africa have reached unprecedented levels. An international call for help has fallen largely on deaf ears, with Russia one of the few countries to respond. In our ‘Africa Now’ show we meet farmers in Africa and Russia – and explore the devastating impact these murders have on food insecurity in Africa.
While Europe and America looked the other way, and Mainstream Media attacked Trump for daring to mention the Racist Attacks against White Farmers in South Africa, Russia has stepped up to help them. Taking in many White Farmers as refugees and pledging to influence the region.

South Africa is on the same collision course with self-imposed starvation that plagued Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s government also promoted this same racial hatred against their White Farmers. Many of the surviving Whites eventually left as the government seized their farmland. Only a few years later, the Black African’s had ruined the crops and left these farms in a state of disrepair. The people inevitably began to starve. Zimbabwe government begged the White Farmers to come back and save them from themselves. Even offering them compensation. Some stupidly did and were applauded and had their feet kissed by the locals upon return. But how long with this honeymoon last? Africa is not known for their long memory spans or intelligence, they are however infamous for the violence and bloodshed their migrants bring to Europe and America.

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This is South Africa I’m currently traveling. They have on average 6-8 h a day brownouts because of big government ineptness, corruption and of course cutting down on coal production because of the climate change hoax. Yes, this is an actual picture of a 2023 bedside light.


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