How to stop voter fraud

“Some people might not be satisfied with simple measures like these to prevent voter fraud, and they might want everyone who votes to show identification. Although a comprehensive new report by the Government Accountability Office concluded that voter I.D. laws in Kansas and Tennessee reduced turnout by a few percentage points, it is possible to require voter I.D. without keeping people away from the polls.” More ..

Who were the voters that didn’t turn out to vote? Is it possible they actually are not legal citizens, or for other reasons are not eligible to vote anyway? 

A lot of stuff can be criticized about every country in the world, but here’s one example how to avoid voter fraud, this is from Norway. Every legal residents in Norway live on an address publicly registered. A few weeks before election you receive a voter registration card, addressed to you on the address you were registered to be living – on November the year before. You see how this makes it very hard to cheat by f. example be voting several times in different location. The voter card is confidential and contain vital personal information important to secure the integrity of the election. When you vote your voter card is being turned in, without voter card, you can not cast another vote. If you make copies to vote several times the system will pick it up and the police will be involved and serious questions will be asked.

Now, if you have moved, or haven’t received the voter registration card, regardless of cause, the early voting starts weeks before the actual election day so you simply bring your passport and show up f.example in city hall to get it fixed. If the reason you haven’t received the voter registration card is that you have moved, you can opt to vote early and the election officials will send your vote to the municipality where your vote will be registered anyway based on your registered address on November the year prior. If you vote in the “wrong” municipality on election day, your vote will not be registered officially until your vote has been received in the municipality you were living last November.

That was just how it is done in Norway, voter fraud is not an issue when it comes to that part of the process. Another thing, everything is signed and everything has a strong paper trail. Nothing is deleted. F. example it’s not possible to add more votes than there are voters – not possible! So paper trail and documentation is vital.

To Avoid Vote-Counting Fraud, Use Paper Ballots

NBC News recently reported that Donald Trump believes “Hillary Clinton couldn’t win in Pennsylvania unless she cheats.” While there is no proof that Clinton herself would “cheat,” as Trump insinuates, analysis of recent public voting data shows me — and other statisticians — that we may already have crossed over into the dark arts of ballot box tampering that Trump fears will happen in 2016.

Most people assume that electronic voting machines make voting more efficient, safer and more accurate. They certainly make vote counting faster. But the disquieting reality is that they also can be easily hacked, leaving our voting system more vulnerable than the DNC’s emails.

No one thinks Hillary can physically manipulate much on her own, it’s the team of criminals in her camp we’re talking about, everybody get’s that.

Electronic voting machine manipulation can bring election fraud into realms of undetectibility previously undreamed of. If a clever programmer were to insert malicious code in the right place in the tabulation software, he or she could flip a minimum number of votes but spread over a maximum number of polling stations. This could achieve a win for their preferred candidate with the tampering being impossible to detect without an expensive and extensive audit of the results. All too often, such audits are not even possible thanks to electronic machines with no paper trail whatsoever ..

The security and integrity of the voting process is compromised for every citizen who is asked to accept someone else’s word that the vote count is accurate. Yes, that is the situation across this country except in the few U.S. counties, mostly rural, that require a hand count of paper ballots.

As a preemptive defense to cheating, Trump and Gov. Mike Pence have been saying that poll watchers would be a good idea to deter voter fraud. The problem is that poll watchers can only catch voter fraud — individuals attempting to vote twice at the same location. Voter fraud, however, is not much of a problem in America. Fixation on voter fraud distracts from the real crime of election fraud.

That is the reason paper trails is so important!

If Trump sincerely wants to support the integrity of our elections, he should instead encourage his supporters to conduct exit polls. These are the surveys conducted by local volunteers who are basically auditing their own or a nearby polling location. Such polls would be particularly valuable in states like Georgia, South Carolina and Louisiana, where citizens must vote electronically on machines that lack a paper trail. Locations without paper trails show the most blatant statistical evidence of fraud.

“Exit polls are the reason that I believe the primaries were rigged for Clinton. I’ve expressed my thoughts about that in my blog post “The Theater Is on Fire.”Read more ..  

This election is too important to waste, no matter who the winner is, that is why the focus should be on the integrity of the election.

  • Demand paper trails.
  • Go out, observe and report.
  • Raise your concern by writing about it on social media and comment sections in your local newspapers etc.
  • Report to the police if you observe suspicious behavior or events.
  • Bring camera and record suspicious behavior or events.
  • Talk about this to everybody.
  • Be vigilant and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Reveal fraudsters by sticking around.
  • Make sure every voter has free access to the location, the area, station of the election.
  • Remember to wear red! (#CodeRed) Remind your friends who vote Trump to also wear red.
  • Spread this article, or similar information, to as many as you can. Add your own tips

We all know who the fraudsters are, don’t let them steal the election and make the US into a socialist nightmare. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned the Obama administration against adopting further socialism, saying Russian history clearly proves it is a recipe for failure. The arrogant, inept and ignorant answer: “An Obama spokesman dismissed Putin’s claim, saying, “We’re going to do socialism better.”” Yeah right!

8 years of Obama has led to an economic growth of about 1% – That is not growth at all when you consider the increased population. In fact, that is the opposite of growth, it’s both recession and regression. Government spending is masquerading much of that reality, but it’s not hard to spot, inner city, poverty, numbers of people on food stamps, unemployment, infrastructure, social unrest, inner city, crime rate and national debt. To understand more of this danger: Venezuela Reaches the End of the Road to Serfdom

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