Influx of migrants at US-Mexico border poses conundrum for Biden

Migrants await processing by immigration authorities after crossing the US-Mexico border in Eagle Pass, Texas, December 20, 2023
Published December 23, 2023

US border patrol and several states have found themselves overwhelmed lately, lacking resources to manage the thousands of migrants arriving from Mexico every day — a crisis that has exposed President Joe Biden to intense attacks from his Republican opponents.

Border officials have in recent weeks counted some 10,000 daily crossings — an uptick from preceding months, which had already seen migrants arrive at an accelerating clip.

There were more than 2.4 million migrant interceptions via land in the year from October 2022 to September 2023.

On Tuesday, authorities closed railroads at Eagle Pass and El Paso, Texas due to a “resurgence” of undocumented migrants entering the United States via freight trains.

Border crossings by car have been suspended at Eagle Pass since early December, as have entry points in California and Arizona, with border police saying they had to move personnel away from those checkpoints to focus on processing irregular entries.

Accusing Biden of “deliberate inaction” on the border issue, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott this week approved a controversial law criminalizing illegal entry into his state.

Abbott, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, hosted a signing ceremony in front of a section of border wall in the city of Brownsville, a nod to the former president’s flagship project and intense 2024 anti-immigration platform.

The law, set to go into effect in March, makes it a crime to illegally enter Texas from a foreign country, punishable by six months in prison — or up to 20 years, in the case of repeat offenders.

It gives Texas state law enforcement the ability to arrest migrants and deport them to Mexico — a power normally reserved for federal authorities.

In response, several human rights organizations, including the influential ACLU, immediately filed lawsuits challenging the Texas law’s constitutionality.

Even political allies in border states have taken Biden to task over migration, with Arizona’s Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs saying “the federal government is refusing to do its job to secure our border and keep our communities safe.”

Earlier this month, Hobbs announced she would send Arizona National Guard troops to the border to help pick up some of the slack.

– A ‘broken’ system –

The reasons for this recent uptick in migration are not totally clear. Customs and Border Protection have blamed “smugglers peddling disinformation to prey on vulnerable individuals.”

Several migrants in Texas told AFP there has been gossip swirling that a total closure of the US border was imminent, which could have fueled some recent crossings.



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Published December 22, 2023

Investigative Reporter Tayler Hansen was traveling out of the Laredo, Texas airport this morning.

Tayler noticed that 90% of the passengers flying out of Laredo are illegal aliens.

Tayler also discovered that the US Border Patrol are not testing the migrants for dangerous infectious diseases like Tuberculosis or COVID.

There are 10,000 illegal aliens entering the US each day – walking across the open border.


How is this not a national emergency?

Tayler Hansen: As I’m flying out of Laredo to DFW I noticed almost every person in the airport is an illegal migrant.

An American Air representative told me more illegal migrants fly out of this airport on a daily basis than Americans.

I asked a Border Patrol Agent who is checking documents if any of them are screened for Tuberculosis or COVID and he replied “Not that I’m aware of— At least not here anyways”

As I pulled up to the airport a migrant who is now on my flight was throwing up outside.

Is this not a huge safety risk? Why are these people not being screened before being flown into major American cities and why are major airlines helping facilitate this?



RELATED: Rep. Van Duyne to Newsmax: Biden Admin Rushing in Migrants

Published December 22, 2023

The number of migrants coming across the border continues to rise, but rather than coming up with real solutions, the Biden administration is putting resources in place to get people into the U.S. more quickly, Rep. Beth Van Duyne said Thursday on Newsmax.

“As a Republican-led house, we’ve already passed the Secure Border Act, which is H.R. 2, which is sitting at the Senate right now waiting to be implemented,” the Texas Republican told Newsmax’s “Newsline.”

“What it would do is it would support local law enforcement. It would increase resources to Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be able to work to get criminal illegal aliens out of our country. But it would also force policies like stopping people at the border.”

Instead, the Biden administration is “flying [migrants] all around,” Van Duyne said. “They’re giving them court dates five to seven years out. Many don’t even make those court dates, but they’re continuing to let people into our country illegally. We’re looking at 10 million people since the Biden administration took over.”

Van Duyne on Thursday also spoke out against a posting from the campaign to reelect Biden, comparing former President Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler, while questioning Biden’s supporters on controversial remarks he’s also made throughout the years on race.

“The fact is that his poll numbers are tanking,” Van Duyne said. “They’re tanking as a result of everyday people now feeling the burden of his policies, whether or not it’s at the gas tank, whether or not at the grocery store, people who are trying to buy a home people who are trying to get healthcare. His policies have been terrible for the American people.”





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