Is There a Climate Crisis? The Science Says Not Now and Not in the Future | William Happer

Image: Was Bill Nye’s death wish for climate realists a veiled call to violence?

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Is fire always hot? Is ice always cold? If CO2 is heating the planet shouldn’t it always heat the planet? .. or is CO2 a magical gas that only sometimes heat the planet?

Ref.: UAH Global Temperature Update for April 2021: -0.05 deg. C

One of the few data sets that actually report what is being measured shows temperature dropping below the 3o year average, now for the second month in a row, totally wrecking the climate fraudsters narrative. As we know, facts do not deter leftists, regardless of color, they do not trade in facts, or science, we probably are going to be told, the global warming did it!

(Man Made) Global Warming made temperature fall (I know, you have to be a leftist ..)

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