ISIS Arrests Elderly Muslim Imam After He Has Dream Prophesying Their Destruction

In a panicked, desperate bid to hold on to their power as it slips away through their fingers like grains of sand, ISIS arrested an elderly Muslim man after they found out he had a dream prophesying the destruction of ISIS:

The Islamic State terrorist organization has reportedly abducted a 70-year-old prayer leader because he said he had dream about the barbaric militant group’s downfall in its largest stronghold in Iraq, the city of Mosul.

According to local sources who spoke with the Iranian-based AhlulBayt News Agency, militants captured the elderly man, who was a prayer leader at a mosque in Mosul, after he claimed that he was given a prophecy in a dream about the demise of IS’ control of the city.

As IS continues to suffer from declining oil revenues and U.S. President Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi vowed on Monday to launch an offensive to recapture Iraq’s second largest city within months, the militant group’s leaders have barred Mosul residents talking about military successes against IS.

The local sources say IS leaders heard about the man’s dream after the news of it had spread around the city. The jihadis subsequently raided the man’s home in the Tahrir district of Mosul and detained him.

It is unclear as to what kind of punishment IS leaders have planned for the elderly man, but the militant group has heinously punished people in the past for simply talking about the advances of the Iraqi military.(source)

Prophesy is not to be taken lightly. Likewise, it also includes people who are non-Christians. This is because, if God truly is love and man is truly made in the image and likeness of God, then God’s love extends to all people, and He will speak to them in their particular situations and lead them to the truth. It has happened before, and it will again.

It was inevitable that ISIS would fall eventually, as Islam is an evil religion and ISIS practices the evil which Islam preaches. How interesting it is that ISIS would be so desperate to hold on to its power that it would attempt to destroy a simple message this old man has.

ISIS knows what it is doing is evil, and its time is running out.

Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin. Enjoy what time you have left- the writing is on the wall.

Source: Shoebat


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