Islamic State (ISIS) slaughtering prisoners the way Muslims halal-slaughter meat


In a fresh show of Islamic barbarism, perfected in the halal slaughter of fully-conscious animals, the Islamic State Muslim savages released a video that shows prisoners, clad in orange jumpsuits, being hung upside down from meat hooks, and then being slaughtered, killed and cut open and made to bleed to death in excruciating agony, just like Muslims do to to animals.

IB TIMES What is even more shocking is the similarities between the manner in which these prisoners were killed and how sheep and goats, sheep, and cattle are sacrificed on Eid al-Adha, the holy festival Muslims celebrate all over the world. That the video was released on this occasion is being seen as no coincidence.

The video, titled “The Making of Illusion,” shows people purportedly from the Der Ezzor province of Syria, a stronghold of the Islamic State group, which is also known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

At one point in the film, an executioner wearing a white outfit carries two prisoners on each arm through the slaughter house before slitting their throats over a metal grate where, normally, the blood of slaughtered animals would drain away.

Graphic footage also shows them hanging upside down by their feet from meat hooks with their throats cut while others awaiting execution are hoisted up in the same position.

All the men are shown dressed in orange jumpsuits, a common trait among people in videos who Isis says are its prisoners. Many of them are blindfolded, and their hands tied behind them. The video depicts them in what could be either a factory or a prison, while some are saying it could also be an abattoir or a slaughterhouse.

The video initially names many — if not all — of the “prisoners” who go on to be killed. It then shows the Syrians being hung upside down from meat hooks, their hands restrained behind them with zip-ties. At one point, two of them are also shown being carried like goats on two arms by an Isis member.


Jews News didn’t provide link to the video, or show the video, not sure if this is the video they were talking about.



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