Deportations and arrest are rising as Italy fights back against terrorism and under vetted refugees.

When some piece of human filth posing as a holy man is caught making plans to detonate a bomb in a kindergarten or mall gathering, the first and most logical thought is (if not to kill the swine) to lock the culprit up for so long that even Farther Time himself would forget where the key was placed. Many nations in the Middle East lock up the most violent offenders in prisons where there are many other Islamists.

This isn’t the case when nations that are NOT mostly Islamic in culture such as Italy have to lock up Islamic extremists. The reason for this is that unlike in largely Islamic prisons, where Islam’s many factions are common place in the nation that’s running the prison, radical Islam is “new” and “cool” to those locked up in Italian prisons and other non-Islamic nations.

This means that in some instances, an ISIS member, while not trying be locked up, may view such a thing if it were to happen as blessing. This way, if the act of terror that they had hoped to accomplish did not come to fruition, they could always resort to plan B and indoctrinate others.

Europe is being overtaken, so they are going to certainly lock up those who prove to be a nuisance. This is not going to do much good if the bomber serving life in prison is able to prompt even a few garden variety thugs to step it up a notch and to go on a killing spree for Allah. Sadly, in prisons all over the world, it is proven that those who are sent to prison often return there no matter how bad the experience was.


Christmas bomber Anis Amri was a known threat and on the deportation list, but his Tunisia refused to take him back.

People tend to miss the fact that a terrorist would not need to teach bomb making 101, flight lessons, or the library of Syria to be able to influence a criminal who they have radicalized. If certain types of people are in prison, locked up, angry, and/or ready to make a “change,” then that change may be into accepting radical Islam. From there, if the terrorist doing life can inspire a soon to be released criminal to shoot up the same kindergarten that he just got convicted for trying to bomb, then said terrorist will die in prison happy awaiting his 77 victims.

From there, many would argue that such nations should simply send the offender back to the Islamic nation that he or she came from, but it is not that easy. Italy has just vowed to accelerate deportations of these kinds of people, yet it is quite a task to accomplish. Just like in America where many nations refuse to take back the criminal’s who often operate in the gangs, so it is that many of the Islamic nations refuse to take back their worst, too. This is even more likely the case if the root nations leaders are NOT of the radical side.

This is the case with the Christmas bomber from Tunisia named Anis Amri who converted to radical Islam while serving time in a Sicilian prison. He had been on the deport list but Tunisia, for reasons that are vividly clear yet utterly immoral, refused to accept the sinister man back. He went on to kill 12 people on December 19th, 2016 as people gathered to shop, laugh, and God forbid honor Christ’s birth.

Matteo Renzi press conference, Rome

Italians are growing frustrated as nations refuse to take back the terrorists who are captured.

All of this dire news brings to mind the reason behind the Brexit. There is no way imaginable that the Brexit would have happened in 2016 with the state of the world as it was without the refugee crisis that Angela Merkel had made much worse by choosing to allow untold numbers of them in. Instead of wisely heeding those with ideas similar to Donald Trump who suggested being humane and helping by creating a safe zone under NATO for them to live IN Syria, Merkel just opened the door and hoped for the best.

The woeful state of the EU’s economy structure would not have been enough to make the average Englander vote to depart the union. That would have happened only after a few more disasters like the EU has caused Greece (who should have “Grexit’d) to happen, which it would have. The Brexit was going to happen, no doubt about it, but not in 2016. For that to happen London had to see the rise of places where any nonsharia infidel who allows a woman to drive a car is not welcome in their own city.


Amri filmed video and took pictures in preparation for his crimes. If such actions continue, more nations will leave the EU.

What is most disturbing about Islam is not even really something that has to do with Islamist’s as much as it does with the West. Why did America not find many who wanted to be Islamic beyond the normal “melting pot” number that America had always seen prior to the 9/11 terror attacks, to the explosion of interest in Islam that we have seen since? If a satanist goes on a killing spree, does anyone but the gullible 14 year old “rebel” in his basement who hasn’t grown up yet think, “Oh, that sounds amazing, I want to know more!”? Why has this happened in America?

As a people, we need to find the answer to that question out very quickly. Locking up the worst of the worst may only lead to more of the worst. Remember that Islam is spread usually by the sword. There is a reason that Egypt went from worshiping Ra the sun god with scantily clad ladies in service to worshiping Allah with ladies clad like the Grim Reaper, and it had nothing to do with choice.

If Italy, America, and all liberty loving Americans do not learn this timeless lesson, then we can lock up everyone from here to Mecca and it is not going to solve anything at all.




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