BORNEO | Yamato Hirohito, a World War 2 paratrooper, has been found alive after he has managed to survive in the Borneo jungle for the past 70 years.

The 84 year old man had been living amongst a local Dayak tribe until Jakob Polinovitch, an anthropologist from the University of Stockholm, discovered the man in the midsts of the jungles of Borneo.

I concluded that he had been victim of a plane crash during WW2 and was rescued by the natives of the island”

Most surprising to the anthropologist was the fact that Mr Hirohito had no idea the war was over. «The elders of the Dayak tribe, of which I am fluent in their dialect, told me of the story of their god, who had fallen from the sky in a bird of fire. At first I thought it was just a myth. Then I met their god, an old man covered in paint and piercings of all sorts» he recalls.

«He was also wearing what seemed to be a torn piece of fabric from an old parachute, with the emblem of the country of japan on it, which was peculiar. I could not understand his language but knew from his traits that he was of Asian descendance and not from the native tribe» he adds.

I concluded that he had been victim of a plane crash during WW2 and was rescued by the natives of the island. He has probably fallen victim to some sort of physical trauma from the accident as he seems to suffer from amnesia, not being able to talk in any comprehensible language or to recall much of his past. It is of great fortune that he was able to find refuge amongst these people who elevated him to the title of living god, they definitely saved his life !» he concludes.

Objects found near the site of the plane crash helped bornean authorities uncover the identity of the man who was thought to be dead for the past 70 years. 
The man was brought back to Japan this week, leaving behind his alleged ten spouses and twenty three kids.

Source: World News Daily Report


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