Jihadi Shoots Sailor in Chest: She Gets Up, Stops Attack on Corpus Christi Base

Image: NAS-CC shooter was a Del Mar Student

Brave Woman With Firearm Stops a Suspected Terrorist at Corpus Christi Naval Air Station

On May 21, Adam Alsahli, a Jihadi, made an attempt to break through the gate at the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi (NASCC). More ..

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Video: Bill Whittle

A Muslim jihadi’s plan to attack Corpus Christi Naval Air Station gets thwarted by a woman sailor, who takes a gunshot to the chest but — thanks to a Kevlar vest — gets up and stops the attack, with a little help from her friends. Why isn’t this hero’s name on the lips of every American?


Here’s a Relief: Corpus Christi Jihad Attack Condemned by…Catholic Bishop



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