Just Like the Aztecs … Election Audits and the NIH’s Experiments in Child Sacrifice

Image: PRESIDENT TRUMP: “The Pennsylvania Senate Needs to Act” – Senate President Corman Needs to Fulfill his Promises to “Conduct a Full Forensic Audit”

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Video: Bannons War Room

Epshteyn: Dems, Media, Voting Machine Co’s Are All Nervous, ‘What Are They Hiding?’

Arizona Audit Begins to FINISH Hand Recount – 67%, 1.4 MILLION COMPLETED

Ken Paxton Rips George P. Bush: Can’t Even Remember ‘Remember the Alamo’

Texas AG Ken Paxton on His Stellar Record Defending Election Integrity from Democrats — And What He Thinks of Challenger George P. Bush


President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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