Kevin McCarthy Endorses Trump For 2024 Presidential Run, Expresses Interest In Cabinet Position

Published December 9, 2023

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) announced his support for Donald Trump‘s bid for the presidency in 2024.

What Happened: The California Republican on Friday said he is also considering the possibility of serving in a Trump cabinet if given a suitable role, Politico reported.

Despite a tumultuous relationship with Trump, McCarthy expressed his endorsement of the former president in a recent interview with CBS News’ Robert Costa. “I will support President Trump,” he stated.

The announcement comes after McCarthy’s decision to resign from Congress before the year’s end. McCarthy, who secured the speakership after 15 votes in January, was removed from his position in October following opposition from hard-right conservatives.



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The California Republican also said he would consider serving in a Trump cabinet.

After Donald Trump didn’t step in to help in his hour of need, Kevin McCarthy is endorsing the former president in his 2024 bid. | Francis Chung/POLITICO
Published December 8, 2023

After announcing this week that he would resign from Congress before the end of the year, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy endorsed Donald Trump for president.

“I believe Donald Trump will win, I believe that Republicans will gain more seats in the House, and that Republicans will win the Senate,” McCarthy told CBS News’ Robert Costa in a prerecorded preview of an upcoming interview.

“I will support President Trump,” he said when asked whether his warm words were an endorsement of the former president.

McCarthy, who clinched the speakership after 15 votes in January, was ousted from his position in October after hard-right conservatives lodged an effort to displace him. They publicly said that his work with Democrats to keep the government open defied a deal over how Republicans would approach negotiating the budget. And Trump, who still looms large over a prominent group of populist conservatives in the House, did little to stave off the effort in McCarthy’s hour of need.



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The former president declined to help the California congressman survive a vote to remain in control of the House. The latter didn’t take very kindly to the slight

Published November 30, 2023

The House of Representatives voted in Octoberto remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, with eight Republicans joining Democrats to vote in favor of the resolution. McCarthy was a staunch supporter of Donald Trump and Trump backed McCarthy’s initial bid to become Speaker, but the former president left the California congressman out to dry in his time of need last month, with Rolling Stone reporting that he told allies it was up to McCarthy to save himself.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that Trump and McCarthy spoke on the phone after the latter’s ouster, and that the call … did not go well. Trump reported explained to McCarthy why he didn’t step in and convince the eight rogue Republicans to get in line, while criticizing him for failing to have his two impeachments expunged or endorsing his 2024 campaign.





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