Latest smear-story from the Clinton’s crime-team

Crooked Hillary paid nonsense, shallow attempt of deflection of the crimes and trail of dead bodies piling up at her feet, stay focused, you won’t fool anybody with your lies produced in the Clinton’s crime-team. As always when it comes to smear, you are not allowed to comment even there’s a comment section, i tried several times

Here’s the story:

Donald Trump didn’t just bribe Florida AG Pam Bondi with cash; he held a six-figure fundraiser for her

“With each passing day, Donald Trump’s three-year-old successful attempt at bribing Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi into dropping her investigation of Trump University grows a little seedier. And with each passing day, it becomes more of a focus of the 2016 election. This week the Trump Foundation admitted it broke the law when it contributed to Bondi’s reelection effort. But now it turns out Donald Trump didn’t just pay her off – he opened up his resort to her and convinced a number of other people to pay her off as well.

Just days after Bondi publicly suggested she might open an investigation into the complaints filed by Trump University customers in Florida, Trump had his Foundation write her a check for $25,000. But the money flow was just beginning. Trump allowed Bondi to use his Mar-a-Lago resort to hold a high dollar fundraiser for her reelection campaign according to a Huffington Post report, and he only charged her a nominal rental fee which appears to have been around a 97% discount off the going rate of $140,000 which he later charged his own campaign for use of the same space.

That alone put the equivalent of six figures of additional bribe money into Pam Bondi’s pocket. But the private fundraiser, which was hosted by Donald Trump and his current campaign surrogate Rudy Giuliani and cost $3000 per attendee, appears to have put another approximately $150,000 in Bondi’s pocket. On top of that, Trump followed up by donating another $125,000 to the Republican Party of Florida, at least some of which was funneled back into Bondi’s campaign.

In total that means Donald Trump put the better part of half a million dollars into Pam Bondi’s pocket when you total up the direct and indirect cash donations, the nearly free resort space for the fundraiser, and the third-party money raised during that fundraiser. This helps further explain why Bondi was willing to drop her Trump University investigation. It wasn’t merely a matter of the previously known $25,000 donation; he flooded her with far more money to make the Trump U scandal go away. This new revelation also likely contradicts Trump’s recent claim that he never discussed the matter with Bondi.”

It’s from Daily News Bin and now we know that is just another dishonest Clinton’s mouthpiece, or even a webpage by them.

The interesting part from timestamp: 25:00


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