Laura Ingraham has ONE BRILLIANT Question For Hillary Clinton

Without spending any Dollars she (#Hilloccio) say she will start programs to get every citicens involved and programs to help the middle class .. See, logic is not part of Democrats vocabular. Evidence she do not understand economy. More regulation and more taxes will lead to fewer jobs. Government programs leads to more government borrowing and not to real jobs.

Lower taxes and fewer regulation will lead to more jobs and more tax revenues for the government. Spending money on government programs to silence critics in order to get re-elected into office will not be nessesary.

From TruthFeed

Donald Trump was measured and on point at the final presidential debate.

He won hands down against a rehearsed, tired, and sluggish Hillary who seemed to spend the night with a “glazed over” look in her eyes.

Trump came out of the gate calm and collected and hit all of the issues that matter to Americans.

Jobs, security, the economy.

Trump hammered Hillary on her 30 plus years in public office and a failed record with no accomplishments.

Hillary Clinton claims that she will create a wealth of JOBS and whip the economy into shape.


Well, if that’s the case, Laura Ingraham has one very important question for you, Hillary.

There’s no secret code, she has no idea how to get the economy fired up!


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