Lawyer in Chevron Ecuadorian climate case loses license due to ‘coercion, fraud and bribery’

WUWT reader “Neo” writes in with this tip:

An attorney who won an $8.6 billion award in an Ecuadoran court against Chevron Corp. over pollution of the Amazon rain forest later found to be obtained by coercion, fraud and bribery has lost his law license.

Steven Donziger is suspended from practicing law in New York state until further notice based on findings made in  March 2014 by a federal trial court, a New York appeals court said July 10.

The 2014 findings of U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan are “uncontroverted evidence of serious professional misconduct which immediately threatens the public interest,” the appeals court said.

This is perhaps one of the final chapters in what Judge Kaplan referred to as an “extraordinary” case right “out of Hollywood,” Jeremy D. Frey, a partner at Pepper Hamilton LLP in Philadelphia specializing in complex civil litigation, told Bloomberg Law.

Given Kaplan’s finding, Frey said, today’s disciplinary ruling is likely not unexpected.

“Lawyer disciplinary proceedings—and challenges to them– are rarely if ever the main event, but follow along after the crash and complete the wreckage.” Frey said.

“If Judge Kaplan is right, this result is well –deserved. Regardless, the other shoe falling can’t be a good or happy event for anyone,” he said.

Michael Krauss, who teaches teaches torts, legal ethics, products liability, and jurisprudence at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School in Arlington, Va., said he is surprised that it took this long for the state to suspend Donziger’s license.

“Donziger’s name will hopefully be enshrined in legal ethics courses for generations to come,” Krauss told Bloomberg Law.



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