Liberal Comedian Sarah Silverman Flips Out When Asked if She Thinks Hillary is Healthy

At the end she admitted she had no idea if Hillary is healthy or not. But here’s the thing, if she never heard about the health issue before, she wouldn’t have reacted that way. The anger comes out of fear .. O’ my, what if she is sick!? Scary, right? Not really, she is sick, but not sick enough to avoid prison.

Here’s the story: Sarah Silverman is an obnoxious left-wing and unfunny comedian who once appeared on a late night show dressed as Hitler to suggest Trump was as bad as the murderous dictator. This week, she was asked by a cameraman if she thinks Hillary Clinton is healthy and she flipped out.

Breitbart reports:

Sarah Silverman: Only ‘F*cking A**holes’ Question Hillary Clinton’s Health

Comedian Sarah Silverman struck a defensive tone this week when asked about Hillary Clinton’s health, attacking those who have raised concerns over the issue as “f*cking a**holes.”

“What do you think about Hillary Clinton’s health? Do you think she’s healthy?” a TMZ cameraman asked Silverman in a video posted by the celebrity gossip website.

“Yeah, I think she’s healthy. I think anyone bringing up her health is a f*cking a**hole,” an apparently annoyed Silverman responded. “She f*cking… she’s as healthy as… Believe me, she’s fine.”

Source: American Lookout

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