Lou Dobbs SLAMS Clinton’s FAILED Campaign Strategy to “Run out the Clock”

Trump is WORKING for the job of President of the United States.

Lats month Donald Trump held 37 YUGE, jam-packed rallies.

Hillary Clinton only held 13, low-attended, low-energy rallies.

She’s a sick woman who needs a lot of rest.

Hillary’s strategy has been to “run out the clock.”

Essentially what that means is, she will sit back and relax, while Trump WORKS HARD, and be handed her “entitled” keys to the White House.

She will not speak to the press or answer any questions on the MOUNTAIN of scandals and proven LIES piling up.

Nor will she release her detailed medical records to a VERY CONCERNED public.

No, Hillary feels she is OWED this presidency and to hell with peasant Americans.

However, there are YUGE flaws with Hillary’s strategy – because while she was resting at home Donald Trump was sharing his America First message, and people like what they hear.

Lou Dobbs discusses Hillary’s failed strategy. Source: TRUTHFEED 


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