Mainstream Media TERRIFIED that Trump is Exposing the TRUTH about a “RIGGED ELECTION”

The Mainstream Media / Hillary Clinton UNIFIED PROPAGANDA MACHINE is repeating the same message to the sheep ad-nauseam “Trump is making un-based, dangerous accusations that voter fraud and a rigged system”

REALITY : The Establishment is TERRIFIED that Trump is exposing THE TRUTH! 

Why? Because if they do rig the election and the people KNOW IT, they will have lost their legitimacy in the eyes of the masses.

The house of cards and emperor with no clothes that is the Globalist elite will begin to crumble.

DC Whispers Reports

Could it be Donald Trump’s warning of a rigged election process is hitting too close to home for the Mainstream Media? As of this morning, every major cable news program, from Fox News to CNN, were lambasting Trump for suggesting the election process in America is rigged.

Didn’t these same media figures watch a recent video that proved such rigging takes place? Why are they now fighting back against something they already know to be true? Here is the NYC Democrat Election Commissioner admitting the very kind of rigging Donald Trump is now warning about:

So within the last week, video evidence is produced of a major city elections commissioner admitting that election fraud takes place – and the Mainstream Media says nothing. And then when Donald Trump warns voters that the now-admitted fraud might once again take place this November, the same Mainstream Media ridicules him for saying what has already been proven to be true.

Listen today to find out how many times you’ll hear a media pundit and or newscaster state someone is more likely to be struck by lightning than impacted by voter fraud. They hatched that line last week – WITH INPUT FROM THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN. The same Clinton campaign that worked hand in hand with DNC officials to rig the primary race process at the expense of Bernie Sanders. And it was the DNC, working in conjunction with the media, who made certain to give Hillary Clinton the debate questions beforehand. (Another grievous example of a “rigged election” the Mainstream Media largely ignored due in great part because it was a story that implicated them in the ongoing political process fraud being perpetrated against the American people.)

Could the fix be in?

To deny that possibility is to deny already-proven political reality. Team Clinton’s own operatives have already admitted that winning at any cost is the objective, morality and the law be damned…

Source: TruthFeed


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