Major Muslim Leader Declares In Canada- ‘Donald Trump Cannot Stop The Muslims- If He Is Elected We Will Rise Up And Start A Civil War’

Hazrat Mirza Ahmed, a major spiritual leader for the Muslim Ahmadi movement stated what Muslims have wanted and what many other

have been warning about- a Muslim rebellion. Donald Trump doesn’t really matter to them- it is just an excuse.

They have already been waging “soft” war through the legal and educational system. Now as we see more terrorist attacks, Muslims are talking about doing what they always do once they have the right numbers in a society, and that is to wage bloody war:

Peter Mansbridge asked Mirza Masroor Ahmad about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s plan to ban

Muslims from entering the United States, which the CBC anchor acknowledged had been softened slightly to one of “extreme vetting” more recently.

“I believe that if he wins, and that is a very big if, he will not implement what he is saying,” the Ahmadiyya caliph explained.

Mansbridge asked if, perhaps, Masroor Ahmad’s view might be “wishful thinking.” The host pointed out that Donald Trump speaks for “millions” of Americans.

The caliph pointed out that “millions of Americans” have not forced Donald Trump to behave in the manner that he has. Mansbridge acknowledged Masroor Ahmad’s insight that Donald Trump’s rhetoric preceded his followers and their rhetoric.

Peter Mansbridge then asked about the problem that Donald Trump’s supporters, now emboldened, would seem to present.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad spoke of “chaos” and “conflict” within the United States if Donald Trump is elected and takes “any harsh step” to “deny the rights” of U.S. Muslims. The caliph cited recent examples of Muslims and non-Muslims alike engaging in acts of “revenge,” including brutal killings and school shootings.

The Ahmadiyya caliph went on to state that with the current lack of a U.S. “gun law,” if Donald Trump is elected and he actually enacts his plans for a Muslim ban or extreme vetting that there could be extreme consequences.

“I fear that there’s going to be a civil war,” Mirza Masroor Ahmad stated.

“Civil war?” Mansbridge repeated the caliph’s words carefully.

“Yes, of course,” Masroor Ahmad replied. “They will raise against the government.” (source)

Ahmadi Muslims are a sect of Shia Islam and are hated and persecuted by fellow Muslims overseas and in the West. However, as history always shows, even heretical Muslims will unite with each other in a struggle against non-Muslims. They will ultimately return to killing each other, but not after at least attempting to destroy the “infidel.”




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