Man Who Roundhouse Kicked a Pro-Life Woman Finally Faces JUSTICE

The cowardly liberal who kicked a pro-life activist has FINALLY been arrested.

The Canadian man also lost his job — but there’s even more to the story…..

Turns out this is not the first time he’s assaulted a pro-life woman. Back in August of this year, he pushed a pro-life woman into a POLE and then fled the scene.

Daily Caller

The man who was caught on video engaging with and then kicking a pro-life activist in Toronto, Canada last week was arrested on Saturday.

Jordan Hunt, 26, was charged with eight counts of assault and seven counts of mischief, according to a Toronto Police Service press release. He was also charged with one count of assault from a previous encounter back in August.

He approached the Youth Campaign Life Coalition group of activists and began drawing on their signs and clothing last Sunday. Marie-Claire Bissonnette approached him and then, as the video shows, they began a heated debate on abortions.

Hunt eventually said, “It’s a baby, if someone is raped and she gave birth and decided to kill her three year old child -,” and that’s when he kicked her.

Hunt then shouted “I meant to kick your phone.”

According to the police statement, after that he grabbed a ribbon that was on her and ripped it off before running.

The police report also describes another assault Hunt committed against a pro-life activist back on August 2. He approached a group of pro-life activists, tried to grab one of their signs and then pushed a woman into a pole. Hunt then fled the scene as well.

Prior to the arrest, Hunt was fired from his job at a hair salon, Nobel Studio 101.



Meet Jordan Hunt. Hairdresser. Male feminist. Champion of women’s rights. World’s best respecter of wahmen.


Video: Paul Joseph Watson

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