Massachusetts Officials Pleading with Private Homeowners to Take in Illegal Aliens

Published January 14, 2024

The state of Massachusetts is asking private homeowners to take in illegal aliens as the state runs out of room to house the thousands of border crossers who are still flooding into the Bay State.

Massachusetts is the only state that has a state-wide “right to housing” rule for homeless families. And with that rule in mind, Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey (D) has repeatedly asked legal residents to open up their homes to illegal immigrants for whom officials are having a hard time finding beds.

Healey declared a “state of emergency” over the influx of illegal aliens in August, saying in her declaration, “There are currently nearly 5,600 families or more than 20,000 individuals in state shelter, including children and pregnant women.”

One solution Healey and her allies have suggested is housing migrants in private homes.

Days after Healey’s declaration, Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll (D) told the state, “Most importantly, if you have an extra room or suite in your home, please consider hosting a family. Housing and shelter is our most pressing need and become a sponsor family.”



RELATED: Exclusive: Biden administration demands Texas immediately stop blocking Border Patrol access

Published January 14, 2024

CNN  — The Biden administration demanded Sunday that Texas immediately stop its efforts blocking US Border Patrol’s access along a portion of the US-Mexico border, where late Friday a woman and two children drowned after agents were barred from the area by state officials, according to a Department of Homeland Security letter exclusively obtained by CNN.

The letter, directed to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, states that Texas’ actions “have impeded operations” and are unconstitutional. It also cites the incident on Friday when Border Patrol contacted Texas officials after learning of a group of migrants attempting to cross the Rio Grande and requested access to the border but were denied. Three people died.

“Texas’s failure to provide access to the border persists even in instances of imminent danger to life and safety,” the letter from DHS General Counsel Jonathan Meyer reads. “Texas has demonstrated that even in the most exigent circumstances, it will not allow Border Patrol access to the border to conduct law enforcement and emergency response activities.”



RELATED: Joe Biden Faces Backlash After Refusing to Call Southern Border a ‘Crisis’

Published January 13, 2024

President Joe Biden faced backlash online on Saturday after he said he would not call the situation at the southern border a “crisis.”

Biden continues to face bipartisan criticism over his handling of the U.S.-Mexico border as the country continues to experience a high number of migrant border crossings. There were more than 2.4 million encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border during the 2023 fiscal year, up from roughly 1.7 million in 2021, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data.

Republicans say the uptick in migrants is a direct result of Biden’s border policies, which they say incentivize illegal immigration. Other experts, however, say other factors including political and financial instability in some Central American countries drive migration to the U.S.

In addition, many of these migrants have been bused from Texas to Democratic-controlled “sanctuary cities,” which protect undocumented immigrants from deportation, sparking a new wave of Democratic criticism as Biden seeks to quell concerns about immigration ahead of the 2024 election.

On Saturday while speaking to reporters on the White House South Lawn, the president was asked if he would call the situation at the southern border a “crisis”




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