Melania Just Made Shock Announcement To Navy That Even Stunned Trump – Look What He Did Right After!

The President and his wife have found themselves in the middle of some interesting controversy lately. Videos of them have been posted showing the First Lady smacking his hand away from holding it. Which many liberals have argued indicates they have a fake or strained marriage. Some have even argued she is a battered wife despite the negligent proof to sustain that theory. Meanwhile trying to compare the Trumps marriage to that of the former Presidents. But after a recent speech of the First Lady’s those insinuations have been proven wrong.

The First Lady gave a speech at a military base in Italy on Saturday where she discussed the sick children she’s met in the Middle East as well as meeting the Pope while on their overseas tour. Mentioning how she will never forget working with them. She was met with applause and laughter. Her speech is unique because she is known for not ordinarily making public comments.

Via Daily Mail:

Melania Trump has proudly signed off from her first foreign trip as first lady before walking to Air Force One hand-in-hand with the president.

In a rare speech for Mrs Trump, the first lady addressed US military personnel at a naval base in Italy on Saturday afternoon ahead of the trip back to Washington with Donald Trump.

The first lady, dressed in a black custom-made Dolce & Gabbana dress with button-embellishments, said she would never forget the women and children she met during her nine days on the road in Europe and the Middle East.

The trip took the Trumps to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium and Italy where Melania spent time with Pope Francis and at various children’s hospitals.

‘It has been a great trip and many strides have been made,’ Mrs Trump said.

‘My husband worked very hard on behalf of our country and I’m very proud of him.

‘This trip has also been incredible for me as first lady.’

The 47-year-old said she was honored and blessed to have been granted an audience with Pope Francis, and she shared stories of her time spent with sick children in various hospitals.

‘This trip for me has been very special and I will never forget the women and children I met,’ she told the crowd.

Melania Trump has kept an abnormally low profile as she has remained living in New York until her son Barron Trump finishes school in June. They will be permanently moving into the White House as soon and he finishes his school term. Meanwhile, she has cut back on public appearances and speeches appearing at very few functions. That is expected to change upon her moving to Washington, D.C.

The overseas trip brought the First Family to various countries such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium, and Italy. In part of her speech Melania Trump said,

“It has been a great trip and many strides have been made. My husband worked very hard on behalf of our country and I’m very proud of him. This trip has also been incredible for me as first lady. This trip for me has been very special and I will never forget the women and children I met. I also want to take a moment to thank you all for the sacrifices you make on behalf of our country. To the families who endure time apart or constant time apart, your sacrifices do not go unnoticed.”

The speech was given to celebrate Memorial Day activities in remembrance of the soldiers we have lost overseas fighting wars. The First Lady could be seen wearing a respectable and conservative black body dress while professional photographers took photographs of her during the speech. Look as she interacts with her husband.

Melania Trump recalled meeting a young boy while working with the Pope in the Vatican on Wednesday. She described drawing pictures with him as well as younger children in Brussels. The First Lady mentioned how one child even gave her a drawing that read “we are all the same.” While in Israel she also worked with the Prime Minister’s wife Sarah Netanyahu aiding sick children of both Muslim and Jewish heritage in one of the only parts of the territory where they can freely commingle. Something that is very out of the ordinary.

She said,

Just hours after leaving, a young boy I spent time with found out he had received a new heart donor. Receiving that news is a moment I will never forget and I wish him a speedy recovery.”

One of the more noticeable parts of her speech was at the end. Pictures from the trip show her kissing, holding hands with, and hugging her husband! Despite media coverage of them being cold and distant towards one another. While liberals try to depict hem as in a loveless marriage because they refuse to hold hands this trip shows just the exact opposite. The First couple are shown being affectionate and loving towards one another. This was the most shocking part of all!

Actions speak louder than words and no matter what liberals say about the Trumps their actions are screaming. Their marriage is perfectly fine and they aren’t going anywhere no matter how hard outsiders try to poke holes in their marriage. The fact that they have not dignified these failing marriage rumors with a response shows the kind of class they have as individuals. Something the former administration certainly never had.




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