Melania Wins, Forces U.K. Daily Mail To Retract Story And Apologize

“GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, received some amazing news this Monday when the U.K. Daily Mail published a lengthy piece apologizing to her for having ran a patently false story about her past.

The trouble initially started late last month, when, while scouring Melania’s past for anything that might hurt her husband’s chance of winning the presidency, the outlet discovered that Melania used to work for a modeling agency.

But instead of simply reporting this, “reporters” at the U.K. Daily Mail used spurious allegations from some Amazon book to insinuate that the modeling agency had functioned “something like a gentleman’s club.”

The publication of this garbage on Aug. 20th infuriated Melania to the point that she fired back on Monday by launching a $150 million lawsuit against the news magazine.

“These defendants made several statements about Mrs. Trump that are 100 percent false and tremendously damaging to her personal and professional reputation,” her lawyer, Charles Harder, announced in a statement:

Defendants broadcast their lies to millions of people throughout the U.S. and the world — without any justification. Their many lies include, among others, that Mrs. Trump supposedly was an “escort” in the 1990s before she met her husband. Defendants’ actions are so egregious, malicious and harmful to Mrs. Trump that her damages are estimated at $150 million dollars.” Read more .. 

Go get them, Mrs. Trump!


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