Mike Pence Statement on Trump’s 11-Year-Old “Guy Talk” Recording

Oh my, Donald Trump is a normal guy having private guys talk – STOP THE PRESS! Ah, they did? Isn’t that special (as in hypocritical!?)

Donald Trump is being attacked by Hillary, the GOP establishment, and the dishonest media over an 11-year-old “guy talk” recording that was released by the Washington Post.

They’re demanding that he step down over the “locker room” comments he made nearly a DECADE AGO.

Trump has refused, stating he will never drop out.

Nevermind that Hillary’s husband is an accused rapist and a notorious womanizer, who stuffed a cigar up the vagina of a 20-something-year-old intern in the Oval Office.

In addition, we’re supposed to excuse the fact that Hillary is a rape enabler who has sat back and allowed her husband’s sexual deviance to continue, and who defended a child a rapist and trashed his 12-year-old victim.

Mike Pence has issued an official statement on the matter.

Source: TruthFeed  

“.. They’re demanding that he step down over the “locker room” comments he made nearly a DECADE AGO.” That has to be one of the dumbest comment and demand i’ve ever heard. A better illustration of the double standard can’t be found ..


Now, compare that to guys talk, private talk ..

And while we’re at it ..

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This is, as illustrated, a new low when it comes to the double standard, but just to rub it even more in, – Hillary Clinton is a CRIMINAL, Donald Trump is not, in fact his comment only proves he is a normal heterosexual male. God knows what crooked Hillary is in addition to dishonest, lying, criminal DEMOCRAT.



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