MTG: Hunter Biden Did Not Deny Joe Biden Is the ‘Big Guy’

Published February 28, 2024

Hunter Biden did not deny President Joe Biden is the “big guy,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) exclusively told Breitbart News following Wednesday’s deposition.

The Bidens previously did not confirm or deny Joe Biden as the “big guy” designated to receive ten percent of a deal with a Chinese Communist Party entity.

“At one point, we asked Hunter about the ten percent for the ‘big guy’,” Greene said. “We showed him the email that that it laid it all out.”

“And he said, ‘Oh, that was after my father left office,” Greene recounted from thethe deposition.

Greene said Hunter then tried to excuse the ten percent stake for Joe Biden:

What’s wrong with having a pie-in-the-sky idea? When he [Joe Biden] left office in 2017, it thought he was done. I had no idea was gonna run for president. What’s wrong with just some pie?’ … thinking that he [Joe Biden] could be in the business.

While Hunter did not deny that Joe Biden was the “big guy,” he did deny that the business plan called for a ten percent cut, Greene explained.

“Hunter said, ‘When it came down to the agreement that we signed,’ he said, ‘there was no percentage for my father in the business,’” Greene recounted.

Greene exclusively shared with Breitbart News that Hunter said the 20 speakerphone calls Joe Biden joined was normal. “He was saying it’s totally normal for your parents to call you,” Greene said. “He just totally kept on saying, ‘Oh, this is normal. This is normal.’”

Greene also confirmed Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-KY) statement that Hunter testified he joined the board of Burisma Holdings to counter Russian aggression. “He said he was picked to serve on Burisma ‘s board to defend democracy and Burisma was stopping Russian aggression,” Greene said.

Hunter’s stated purpose for joining Burisma’s board is a new claim that indicates bizarre reasoning never before revealed.



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Hunter testified in a closed-door deposition before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees on Wednesday

Published February 29, 2024

Critics lambasted Hunter Biden on Wednesday after he claimed during his opening statement before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees that he “did not involve” his father, President Biden, in his business dealings.

Hunter appeared on Capitol Hill for a closed-door deposition as part of the committees’ ongoing impeachment inquiry into his father, where he accused Republicans of having no evidence to justify their investigation.

“The goalposts are moving,” Republican strategist Steve Guest wrote in a post on X. “Joe Biden used to say he [had] never spoken with Hunter about his business dealings. Hunter Biden is now playing cute linguistic games.”

Democrats did a ‘disservice to themselves’ in Hunter Biden hearing: Jonathan Turley

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley breaks down key takeaways from Hunter Biden’s closed-door deposition before the House Oversight Committee.

“REMINDER:  E-mails, texts, photos, voicemails, visitor logs, and witness testimony have shown that Joe Biden was INVOLVED in his son Hunter’s foreign business deals,” Guest later wrote in another post.

Federalist co-founder Sean Davis wrote that Hunter had “no problem perjuring himself” with the claims because he “knows Daddy’s DOJ will never charge him for it,” while Washington Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross wrote that there was “plenty of evidence Hunter did involve Joe in his business.”

“Joe attended meetings w/ Hunter and CEFC, and with Tony Bobulinski to discuss China business. These were strictly business meetings,” he added.



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Hunter Biden leaving the O’Neill House Office Building after testifying.Nathan Posner/Shutterstock
Published February 28, 2024

WASHINGTON — First son Hunter Biden claimed in congressional testimony Wednesday that he was “high or drunk” when he wrote to a Chinese associate in 2017 that he was “sitting here with my father”  — shortly before the transfer of $5.1 million into Biden family-linked accounts.

A readout of the 54-year-old first son’s closed-door impeachment inquiry deposition was provided to numerous news outlets Wednesday evening citing Hunter’s claim that President Biden had nothing to do with the shakedown of Chinese state-linked CEFC China Energy.

The readout said “Hunter admitted that he was high or drunk when he sent the ‘sitting here with my father’ WhatsApp message, sent it to the wrong recipient, and is now embarrassed by the message.”

The same source said that Hunter “confirmed that his dad was not sitting next to him” — as photos from the first son’s abandoned laptop actually show he was at his dad’s Wilmington, Del., home on the day of the threat.

A second source confirmed to The Post that Hunter Biden gave the excuse that he may have been high at the time of writing the message.

Since Hunter appeared under a subpoena, the testimony technically counted as a more sensitive deposition, rather than a typical “transcribed interview,” increasing the risks to anyone who discussed its content before a formal vote to release the transcript, sources said.

The WhatsApp missive implicating Joe Biden was provided to Congress last year by IRS case agent Joseph Ziegler, who alongside his supervisor Gary Shapley alleged a Justice Department coverup to protect Joe and Hunter Biden.

The IRS agents told Congress they were not allowed by the Justice Department to get cellphone geolocation data that could have established whether Hunter was indeed sitting with his father and were repeatedly blocked from pursuing evidence related to Joe Biden.





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