Muslim Father Rapes His Daughter As Punishment Because She Had Become ‘Too Westernised’

From 2016

In Norway, an Islamic migrant got into an argument with his daughter who he felt had become too ‘Westernized’. He was furious because she was not following Islamic law. So, what does an Islamic father do when his daughter shames him? Well, one of two things… he either commits an honor killing or he rapes her to teach her a lesson. This father chose the latter. Of course, killing could have been phase two.

The daughter managed to get away and run to a postman to get help. She then went to the police. The Muslim man is in his 40’s and his daughter is in her 20’s. He’s now charged with both rape and incest in the Norwegian city of Fredrikstad. Sadly, this is a common occurrence in Islam. Their ways are brutal and barbaric… this is just one more example of that.

From the Daily Mail:

A Muslim man in Norway has been detained for raping his daughter as a punishment after she became ‘too Western’.

The man, in his 40s has been charged with rape and incest after he attacked his daughter in their family home in the city of Fredrikstad.

Police prosecutors have said the daughter told officers she was raped by her father as a punishment for living a Western lifestyle.

Both the father and daughter are of a non-European background.

Police lawyer Anette Sogn told Fredrikstad24: ‘They had been arguing prior to the rape.

‘The father has been angry because his daughter did not follow his (Islamic) way of life, she explained in questioning.’

Following the attack, the daughter, who is in her 20s, ran out of the house and told a passing postman what had happened, who then went to the police.

The father claims that he is shocked by the charges and does not understand the DNA results. In other words, he denied the whole thing, but rape kits and DNA tests tell the story here. Furthermore, what he did under Shariah law is not a crime and he probably feels he was in the right.

The father even went so far to make up a ridiculous story that he sat on his daughter’s bed to speak with her and that the DNA was transferred by indirect contact. I’d laugh if this wasn’t so serious. That’s just moronic.

He faces a stiff penalty for the severity of his crime. I don’t know what that is… but it is what they claim. He’s also under psychiatric care now. What do you want to bet he’ll walk on all this? Next time, he may kill someone and then the authorities will claim as they always do that they couldn’t have foreseen it. It’s Islam… it’s predictable.

The father attacked his daughter at their home in the Norwegian city of Fredrikstad.

The father attacked his daughter at their home in the Norwegian city of Fredrikstad.

Another story from last year ..

TESFAY TEKKIE. 26 year old from Eritrea

Tesfay Tekkies, a 26 years old asylum seeker from Eritrea was in November 2016 in Sør Østerdal Tingrett (District Court) sentenced to prison for five years for having sliced a Norwegian woman in the face and raped here in a particularly brutal way. Tekkie made contact with the 27-year-old woman at a club, but was rejected. He raped her when she was on her way home later that night.

It was Saturday, July 25th. 2016 the 27-year-old Norwegian woman was out at a club in Trysil.

Tesfay Tekkies made contact with the woman inside the club and asked for a cigarette. He also sat down near her, but she signaled that she was not interested in contact.

On the way home

When the woman left the club walking along the road towards her home, Tekkies was following her. She was listening to music and chatting with a friend on Skype when she suddenly had his arm around her neck and was pulled to the ground.

Even if her resistance was strong, Tekkies was stronger and managed to prevent her from getting away. He used a knife to cut off her clothes and he also slashed her face.


According to court documents Tekkies tried to get into all body openings of the woman. He put the knife to her throat every time she tried to scream or when her resistance was too strong.

TESFAY TEKKIE. Da han ble avvist på utestedet skal han ha fulgt etter kvinnen på vei hjemover og voldtatt henne.

Tesfay Tekkie

More ..  (Norwegian)

Both local news outlets Østlendingen and NRK Hedmark og Oppland have chosen to not include the rapist background in their latest update.

More rape stories from Norway by “refugees” (Norwegian, voldtekt = rape, overgrep = rape, serievoldtekt / serievoldtekter = more than one rape).



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