Muslim Man Clutching Koran Walks Into IHOP, Then He Sees Diner Wearing A Trump Shirt And Loses It

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Here we go with another one of those “peaceful Muslims”… What’s the difference between a democrat and a Muslim?..I really can’t tell the difference..since both act so violent to anyone who disagrees with them.

Still think we can coexist with these people?


Denton County deputies, police and security took an Iraqi man into custody at a Denton County courts building after a loud outburst and two run-ins with people previously that had police issuing a warrant for his arrest.

Workers at a Denton IHOP restaurant say 28-year-old Peshwaz Waise came into their restaurant around 6:00 a.m. wearing what they called a turban, clutching a Koran and talking to customers about accepting its message.

“So, I guess he approached the guy with the same message but the guy had on a Trump supporter shirt on,” said restaurant employee Darel Walker. “So I guess that where the issue arose.”

The two started arguing which prompted a call to 911.

“Since the guy, the Trump supporter, was sitting down, a paying customer, the dude was asked to leave,” Walker said. “And I heard it carried on into the parking lot.”

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