Muslim Rapist Goes To Jail, Finds Out What It’s Like To Be The Victim

A member of the Islamic faith is starring in a viral video after he took a trip to prison. Unfortunately for him, he was apparently there for the rape of a young child, and he recently found out what it was like to play the part of a victim.

The incident happened somewhere in the UK, although specifics aren’t exactly known. However, it seems that a few inmates in the prison were able to get their hands on a camera of some sort, presumably a phone, and decided to use it after learning that a Muslim pedophile was in their midst.

According to video’s description, the Islamist was in prison as “one of the thousands of Muslim child groomers and rapists.” As seen in the clip, that was all the fellow prisoners needed to know about the pervert to decide to teach him a little lesson – prison style.

With a group of at least three men cornering the creep, they dished out a heck of a beating by unleashing a series of nasty blows. As can be heard, the Muslim savage breaks down crying as he’s being beaten, but things were far from over.

Oddly enough, the abuse doled out by the prisoners seemed strategic to a certain extent as they systematically beat the Muslim. “Do some rib shots, man,” one prisoner could be heard ordering, before saying, “Now the face.”

They went on to taunt the man, saying things like, “What you hiding for?” and, “Stop crying, get up.” Then, things got really good. Just at the end of the video, the man carrying out the beating asks, “Should I break his leg?” before the footage cuts off.

That’s a cliffhanger if I’ve ever seen one. Of course, many people across the Internet feel the same way, wanting to know if the punishment was carried out in the end. At this point, it’s clear that people are sick of Muslims, and when even the worst of society have had enough, you know that there’s something wrong.

As people continue to wake up to the threat of Islam, one can only imagine that more instances like this will happen in the future. Since Muslims don’t seem to care about assimilation in terms of their vile and barbaric behavior, maybe it’s time that message is beaten into them. I doubt this man is going to forget what happened for the rest of his life.

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