Muslim Teacher In Texas Publicly Calls For Killing White People, Gets BRUTAL Surprise In Class The Next Day

While teaching impressionable young minds at a pre-school in Arlington, Texas by day, a Muslim educator was openly involved in calling for infidels’ deaths in her off time. Since many of her students were non-Muslim white kids of faiths for which she expressed deep hate for, parents were rightfully terrified when they found out which led to a brutal surprise this horrific bigot never saw coming when she showed up to class.

Nancy Salem was likely hired on as a teacher at the Children’s Courtyard during the Obama administration when liberals had everyone believing that Islam was a religion of peace and Muslims deserve the opportunity to assimilate into the American culture. Proving the fear of these people and the death cult ideology they follow with a passion wasn’t without merit, Salem felt comfortable publicly putting the fruits of her religious beliefs out there on full display thinking anyone who didn’t like what she had to say would be called an “Islamaphobe,” and she was at no risk of being accused of a hate crime despite begging for another Holocaust-style cleansing whites, Jews, and Christians.

Salem had been abusing her social media platform on Twitter since 2012, plastering her profile with posts expressing her joy in the inevitable obliteration of people of other races and religions. Despite this going on for five years, parents whose little ones were being taught by her daily had no clue that she had been calling for the deaths of an entire race, including theirs while teaching kids who would fall into that group of people. When they finally found out, they began flooding the school with angry responses and calls for action to be taken against Salem immediately, but that wasn’t enough.

Dallas News reports that when Salem showed up to school on Wednesday, she was met with her unexpected termination she didn’t see coming since she apparently doesn’t consider calling for more deaths of Jews, kissing the bloody Palestinian ground, etc, as actionable hate speech. Unfortunately for her, Barack Obama isn’t leading this nation any longer and people are finally starting to wake up to the atrocities of her religion and aren’t living in fear of taking action against Islam and being punished for it.

Tweets that Salem has since deleted but have were captured and save by the Canary Mission.

Salem doesn’t just express her sick beliefs without putting actions where her words are. Her prolific hate for all non-Muslims percolated in an Islamic group she belongs to and is an activist for — Students for Justice in Palestine — which, unsurprisingly, has ties to terrorism. She was even identified as supporting jihad while attending the University of Texas in the same town as where she taught pre-school but was still give a job around white children anyway.

This woman and countless others like her around the country have been allowed into these positions where they don’t belong as a result of political correctness that finds it more important to protect Islam than American people. These parents have every right to be outraged that they paid for their children to attend a school who hires a jihad and genocide-supporting Muslim who could have been secretly ingraining hate into their minds daily, at a minimum to the danger she posed as their teacher.




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