MUST SEE: The Democrats’ Nine Step Plan to Gaslight America and Blame Donald Trump for Joe Biden’s Border Crisis

Published February 8, 2024

Western Lensman released The Democrat’s Nine Point Plan to blame Joe Biden’s border crisis on Donald Trump.

This is absolutely brilliant!

Western Lensman: The Democrat election playbook explained a nine step plan to blame Donald Trump for the border crisis.

Step one, flood the country for three years with millions of illegal aliens.
Step two, watch approval numbers on the border drop below 20%.
Step three, election year is here. Decide you need to act now that you’ve let millions of illegals into the country and the American people are pissed.
Step four, line up some rhinos in the Senate to assist with the next phase of the plan.
Step five, work with the RINOs on a bipartisan basis to devise a garbage piece of legislation that would make the crisis considerably worse.
Step six, ensure the bill is so bad that becomes toxic for Republicans, so much so that even the Republican RINO leadership who helped negotiate it is forced to abandon it.
Step seven, message the doomed legislation as the strongest immigration and border bill in history, knowing the media will faithfully echo your propaganda.
Step eight, claim the only reason Republicans abandon the bill is because Trump wants to use the open border as a campaign issue.
Step nine, adopt your new 2024 campaign mantra the border crisis is Trump’s fault.

Then, every day between now and November, the American people are going to know that the only reason the border is not secure is Donald Trump.



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President Biden called on Republicans to resist pressure from former President Donald J. Trump to reject a bipartisan bill that would make changes to the nation’s immigration system.CreditCredit…Michael A. McCoy for The New York Times
Published February 8, 2024

President Biden took the border fight directly to former President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, blaming his predecessor and putative challenger for torpedoing a bipartisan immigration agreement out of crass politics at the expense of national security.

Weighing in forcefully after months of largely staying out of the fray, Mr. Biden called on congressional Republicans to “show some spine” and stand up to Mr. Trump. But he effectively acknowledged that the deal negotiated over several months was doomed and vowed to make it a campaign issue against the opposition.

“All indications are this bill won’t even move forward to the Senate floor,” Mr. Biden said in a speech televised from the White House. “Why? A simple reason. Donald Trump. Because Donald Trump thinks this is bad for him politically.”

The president said that Mr. Trump would “rather weaponize this issue than actually solve it” and has leaned on Republicans to block it. “It looks like they’re caving,” he added. “Frankly, they owe it to the American people to show some spine and do what they know to be right.”

The decision by Republicans to reject a bipartisan border deal that they had previously demanded not only paralyzed the immigration debate but also imperiled security assistance for Ukraine and Israel attached to the $118 billion measure, closing off what had been seen as the best remaining avenue to aid embattled American allies.



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Published February 8, 2024

In 2003, Former Democrat Governor of Colorado Richard Lamm delivered prescient and poignant remarks describing what a plan might look like to destroy America from within.

Two decades later, that “plan” has become eerily accurate.

A staunch critic of unchecked immigration and multiculturalism, Lamm served three terms as Governor of Colorado (1975–1987) and ran for the Reform Party’s nomination for President in 1996, losing to Ross Perot.

The speech was delivered at a book event for @VDHanson’s “Mexifornia.”



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