Naperville drops idea for local migrant host family sign-up list after officials find it ‘not necessary’

Dozens of migrants carrying their belongings in bags, board CTA warming buses after being dropped off at the city’s drop off point at Polk and Des Plaines Streets in Chicago, Thursday, Jan. 4, 2024. There the migrants wait for hours to be transported to a possible shelter. (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune)
Published January 26, 2024

Naperville is no longer looking into the possibility of a city-curated sign-up sheet for local residents willing to host migrant families.

City staff, at the suggestion of Naperville City Councilman Josh McBroom at a council meeting last week, had been researching the idea and found other agencies are pursuing similar work and therefore it was “not necessary for further city consideration,” City Manager Doug Krieger said this week in a memorandum to council members.

Consequently, the matter will not appear on a future city council agenda, the memo said.

Since August 2022, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has sent more than 34,900 migrants to the Chicago area on the grounds that his state cannot handle the influx of people arriving from the south on its own. Typically, the migrants have been brought to Illinois by buses that drop them at designated locations in Chicago or deliver them to suburbs, where they are taken to the city by Metra trains.

To date, six buses carrying migrants have left passengers at Naperville’s downtown Metra station since Dec. 21, according to city spokeswoman Linda LaCloche.

With the new precedent of buses arriving unannounced at suburban stations, McBroom’s suggestion of a sign-up list was made for those who might willing to offer migrant housing, which he described as a way the city could offer help without setting up initiatives requiring the use of taxpayer dollars.

He said that while some suburbs have responded with regulations establishing when and where buses can drop off migrants, that was not something he thought the city should pursue.



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Published January 26, 2024

A member of the Naperville, Illinois, city council turned heads this week after he proposed creating a sign-up list for residents to house illegal immigrants who have started to flood the Chicago suburb.

Naperville is only dealing with migrants because Chicago has implemented new requirements in a bid to stop the flow of illegal immigrants Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) has bused from the southern border to Democratic-run cities.

The councilman, Josh McBroom, made the proposal because he opposed using taxpayer funds to house and accommodate illegal immigrants, and he noted that the city has “a lot of big homes.”

Abbott’s busing operation has been wildly successful in forcing other parts of the country that have not been afflicted by the Biden administration’s porous border policies to care about the dangers of illegal immigration. It is arguably the only reason the Biden administration is willing to negotiate with Republicans in Congress on border security.

But as successful as the project has been, the fact that the Naperville city council has been forced to address the migrant matter shows there is so much more potential for forcing communities dominated by Democratic voters to reap the consequences of their desired border policies.

Naperville resides in DuPage and Will counties, which are blue-leaning suburbs of Chicago. In 2020, 58% of voters in DuPage County voted for President Joe Biden, as did 53% in Will County. The median household income in Will County is $103,678, and in DuPage County, it is $107,035, according to the Census Bureau. For context, the Illinois statewide median household income is $78,433.



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Published January 23, 2024

A councilman from Naperville proposed a signup sheet for families in the city willing to house migrants.

Naperville Councilman Josh McBroom suggested Tuesday that the city create a signup sheet for residents ready to voluntarily open their homes to illegal immigrants, according to the Chicago Tribune. Six buses transporting migrants have arrived at Naperville’s Metra station since Dec. 21, a spokesperson for the city told the outlet.

“Let’s find out who’s going to help,” McBroom said, according to the outlet.

McBroom reportedly said that Naperville is “a very affluent” city with “a lot of big homes.”

“What I’d like to do is direct staff to create a signup sheet for individuals that would be willing to house migrant families,” he added. “And if there’s people that would do that, God bless them.”

The councilman said Naperville is a “compassionate community” composed of “a lot of people that do care,” according to the Chicago Tribune. He stated the importance that residents “raise awareness” about the surge of illegal immigrants entering the city.

Neighboring Chicago, a sanctuary city, has received an onslaught of illegal immigrants bused into Illinois from the southern border by Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Democratic Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker lashed out at Abbott and Biden earlier this month for sending undocumented migrants to Democratic cities, stating that “the president needs to do more.”





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