NASCAR Unveils Surprise For Donald Trump Just In Time For The Election

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will be receiving some extra help from NASCAR just before the election.

Speedway Digest reports that AM Racing’s Austin Wayne Self will be driving a Donald Trump-Mike Pence-themed truck in the Oct. 22 race at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.

The 20-year-old Self said this is the first presidential election in which he can vote and he wants toencourage others to get out to the polls Nov. 8.

“This will be the first presidential election I’ve been old enough to take part in,” Self said. “Politics has never really been that important to me until now — but now more than ever, we need change. Trump and his values are in line with my beliefs.”

“It’s important we carry this message and remind everyone, especially my peers, to get out and be heard come Election Day,” he added. “I think it’s cool we have someone running for president who doesn’t necessarily come from the political world. Trump is a guy I can really stand behind — he’s here to make America great again.”

Self’s Camping World Truck Series team unveiled the new truck design this week. The red, white and blue No. 22 truck includes Trump’s signature phrase, “Make America Great Again.”

The announcement of AM Racing’s Republican presidential support received praise from one of its home state partners.

“I’m proud to see that AM Racing is doing their part to get out the vote for Donald Trump by running their Trump/Pence truck at Talladega Superspeedway on October 22,” said Sid Miller, Texas agriculture commissioner. “As one of Mr. Trump’s key advisers in Texas I am confident he can win and bring back jobs to America. He will make free trade into fair trade and that means a lot for the Texas agriculture industry and jobs across the country. AM Racing and Donald Trump: both are Making America Great Again!”

Earlier this year, NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France endorsed Trump, as did several drivers, including David Ragan, Bill and Chase Elliott and Ryan Newman.

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