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By Jeffrey Tucker – The Wentworth Report

1st commandment of the new religion: Thou shalt have no other God but me.

Musk bought the Twitter platform and purged 4 out of 5 employees, including the many government agents who had been hired to turn Twitter into a government propaganda machine. Since then he has upheld the First Amendment and innovated a series of tools that allow for internal and crowd-source fact-checking to make his renamed platform the most reliable source of news and opinion in the world.

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Since he took over, he has faced a barrage of state-generated attacks:

  • The SEC has sued Musk over the purchase of the platform. …
  • The FTC has demanded internal X documents. …
  • The Biden Department of Justice has sued SpaceX…get this…for not hiring refugees for secret rocket technology. …
  • The Biden Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commision have sued Tesla over improper perks. …
  • The Biden Department of Justice has opened a criminal investigation against Tesla over self-driving cars. …
  • There is a federal investigation of Neuralink. …
  • Then there is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigation over harassment at Tesla….
  • Finally, we have the aggressive advertising boycott on the part of major corporations, including Disney, CNBC, Comcast, Warner Bros, IBM, and the Financial Times, among many others. …

That is fully nine direct lines of attack, but probably the company and Elon could list another several dozen such cases like this once you consider all levels of government everywhere Musk’s companies are operating.

And yes, it all sounds like something straight out of a novel by Ayn Rand. The successful and innovative entrepreneur is attacked on all sides by institutions and people who live off the system rather than innovate around and beyond it.

We truly do live in a new age of envy, powered by states and their industrial allies more wedded to their own profitability lines and plans rather than what the people want and what great entrepreneurs can create.

This is very clearly a crony attack. What’s striking is that everyone knows that and yet it is tolerated in any case. It’s a great recipe for killing off the wealth-generating machine for a generation or two.

Elon Musk Moves to #1 on Joe Biden’s Enemies List, By Victoria Taft.

Musk has now temporarily moved to the #1 spot [displacing Trump].

On December 12, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr issued an extraordinary and very public missive on Twitter/X announcing why he believed Joe Biden’s government is harassing Musk. 

In a series of tweets, Carr did some dot-connecting for anyone still blind to what their government is doing to Musk. Carr accused Biden of giving the “green light to go after” Elon Musk with “regulatory harassment.” He wrote, “President Biden stood at a White House podium [and] stated that Elon Musk ‘is worth being looked at.’ When asked, ‘How?’ President Biden responded, ‘There’s a lot of ways.’” He tweeted, “There certainly are. The DOJ, FAA, FTC, NLRB, SDNY, & FWS have all taken action. The FCC now joins them.”

Last week, the FCC rescinded a nearly $900 million contract from Musk’s SpaceX Starlink program, claiming that it wasn’t “providing [broadband internet] service to rural communities today,” even though it wasn’t under contract to do so until 2025. 

Carr said the Biden administration’s FCC move was the latest in “the growing list of administrative agencies that are taking action against Elon Musk’s businesses” and “certainly fits the Biden Administration’s pattern of regulatory harassment.” …


In this extraordinary tweet storm, Carr alleged that “the FCC…[made up] an entirely new standard of review that no entity could ever pass and then applying that novel standard to only one entity: Starlink. The decision does not even grapple with the evidence — it simply ignores it.”

Wokeness will bring about a new dark age if allowed to flourish much longer.

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