NBC Bias Still Protecting Clinton As Conway Clobbers Crooked Clintonistas

Clinton sycophant, globalist and CFR member Andrea Mitchell Greenspan is quite proud of being a panelist at the “post-mortem election tradition every four years at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.” Breathlessly she says, “This year it was unprecedented, devolving at time into a shouting match between the Trump and Clinton campaigns.

Lying is how things are done by Democrats and no campaign has “relied” and depended upon them more than the losing effort of Hillary Clinton. Lying is synonymous with communicating for the Clinton alums and most Democrats so it’s to be expected that they would play a prominent role in the messaging by Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

In one clip Palmieri tells Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway, “I would rather lose than win the way you guys did.” It’s an obvious lie since they were sending thugs to beat up Trump supporters, engaging in rampant voter fraud, rioting, utilizing the media as a personal propaganda outlet and running non-stop, continuous negative ads and trotting out last minute accusers from decades ago in a one-sided smear campaign against Mr. Trump the magnitude of which has never been experienced before.

The Clinton camp did everything imaginable, legal or illegal, with no consideration of morality and still lost. If Palmieri’s telling the truth, that she’s happy with losing despite attempting to falsely brand Trump as a racist in the conduct of their own identity politics, anti-white male bigotry then why is she so bitter?

Conway responded directly, “No you wouldn’t.” Conway asks the dishonest Clinton operative, “Do you think I ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform? You gonna look me in the face and tell me that?” It did, Kellyanne, it did.” was the dishonest response.

The report goes on to smear Steve Bannon with the typical and completely untrue fabrications that Breitbart is an outlet for racism, anti-Semitism and other hate speech. Anyone who has ever read their articles knows that is not in any way an accurate depiction. But the lazy leftists will believe whatever they’re told, and the MSNBC hacks all know it. If they’re part of their audience, they’re uniformed and are certain to remain that way.

Mitchell describes both campaigns as having problems with the media, the Trump campaign recognizing the total bias against them and the Clintonites frustrated that they were not able to completely, 100% control what was aired. Their complaint being that “more attention was paid to her emails than to Trump’s failings.” The fact that her emails were treasonous criminal acts that compromised national security for the sake of personal enrichment and power might have something to do with it, Mrs. Greenspan.

Getting one last dig in at her opponents in the Trump campaign, Andrea Mitchell says, “Usually the winners are gracious, not so this time.” Usually the losers aren’t such blatant liars with the media backing them to the hilt either. It’s noteworthy that this was the first time Mitchell was willing to mention Clinton’s serious medical issues, though now only doing so derisively, towards their American enemy.

She notes how the Clinonistas “certainly were very protective, they’re not blaming Hillary Clinton at all, it was James Comey. Comey was supposed to cover for her. The fact that he didn’t do like Obama, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch ordered him to makes him the bad guy, not the crooked politicians he refused to fully insulate.

It’s more coverage for Clinton and attack on our next president at the hands of the left. They’re not going to slow down a bit, instead they’re accelerating. Once Obama is out of office, and Trump is in and actually doing things to fulfill his campaign promises, we can be sure the heavy propaganda media artillery will return.

Ref.: http://rickwells.us/nbc-bias-still-protecting-clinton-conway-clobbers-crooked-clintonistas/



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