NEW BOMBSHELL POLL : Whopping 83 Percent Say Hillary Guilty of Illegal or Unethical Acts

This poll is SHOCKING but true.

I say shocking only because part of me has lost faith in humanity.

Americans are easily distracted and tune out so much important information.

I guess that’s because of our North Korea-style government-run propaganda media whose sole purpose is to spew pro-Hillary rhetoric, anti-Trump lies, and cover up for the most unliked candidate in the history of American elections.

If they did their damn JOB more people would know what’s truly happening.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS – despite the North Korea-style media’s attempt to silence TRUTH – we in the alternate media have succeeded in getting the information out to the masses.

This is why in a new poll a WHOPPING 83% of people believe Hillary is GUILTY (she is).

From Breitbart:

A majority of voters believe Hillary Clintonhas done something illegal, according to a new McClatchy-Marist Poll days before the presidential election.

A total of 83 percent of likely voters believe that Clinton did something wrong – 51 percent saying she did something illegal and 32 percent saying she something unethical but not illegal. Just 14 percent said she’s done nothing wrong.

By comparison, 79 percent think Donald Trump did something wrong, though not nearly as many think he did something illegal. Just 26 percent think he’s done something illegal, while 53 percent think he’s dome something unethical but not illegal. Just 17 percent think he’s done nothing wrong.

The deep suspicion of Clinton is likely a top reason she’s lost much of her lead and the race for the White House has tightened in the race’s closing days.




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