New Jersey Democrat Mayor Blasted for Saying Migrants ‘Not Welcome Here’

Migrants with children walk to board a bus after surrendering to US Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol agents for the processing of immigration and asylum claims on the US-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, on May 10, 2023. The US on May 11, 2023, will officially end its 40-month Covid-19 emergency, also discarding the Title 42 law, a tool that has been used to prevent millions of migrants from entering the country. (Photo by Patrick T. Fallon / AFP) (Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)
Published January 8, 2024

As Joe Biden’s border crisis continues to negatively impact America, Democrats are beginning to turn against the president for his failed immigration policies. And one Democrat mayor in New Jersey is taking heat for turning completely against Biden’s tidal wave of illegal border crossers.

Sam Joshi, the Democrat mayor of Edison, New Jersey, seems to have had enough, but he is taking criticism for his comments about the growing migrant problem, particularly when he said he wanted to “make it clear that our position in Edison township is that they’re not welcome here.”

“They’re illegal, and they belong on the other side of the border. We don’t want them in Edison, period. That’s the bottom line,” he said, according to the New Jersey Monitor. He added that he plans to order his police to bus the migrants back to “the other side of the border.”

In response to the criticism, Joshi told Newsweek that as a “son of immigrants,” he “understands this issue very well.”

“Edison has a large immigrant population and the overwhelming majority of Edison residents, most notably the immigrant community, support my position and I’m proud to represent their best interests,” Joshi said in his note to the magazine.



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Published January 8, 2024

The Democratic mayor of Edison, New Jersey, is facing criticism after saying immigrants “aren’t welcome” there amid an uptick in migrants arriving in cities across the United States.

Democratic mayors are facing new pressure as thousands of migrants have been transported from the U.S.-Mexico border to cities including New York and Chicago. There were more than 2.4 million encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border during the 2023 fiscal year, up from roughly 1.7 million in 2021, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data.

Efforts to bus migrants away from the border have been led by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has faced backlash as critics accuse him of using migrants as political pawns. The White House slammed the “stunt” as cruel, dangerous and shameful.” Abbott has defended the move as necessary, pointing to Texas’ border towns becoming overwhelmed with migrants and that sanctuary cities should be prepared to take in more.

The busing of migrants to sanctuary cities shifted some leaders’ stance on immigration, causing some Democratic mayors to embrace a more hawkish position on migration and criticize President Joe Biden‘s approach to border security, which critics argue has made it easier for migrants to enter the U.S. illegally. The issue has forced Democrats to grapple with a lack of resources to support migrants while also appeasing the party’s liberal base of voters, who are generally pro-immigrant.

Edison Mayor Sam Joshi is among those Democratic mayors facing new pressure on the issue of migration.



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A migrant bus that recently arrived in Edison was sent back, Mayor Sam Joshi said.

A migrant bus that recently arrived in Edison was sent back, Mayor Sam Joshi said. (Photo by Xinhua/Shutterstock)
Published January 2, 2024

EDISON, NJ — Busloads of migrants recently arrived at several New Jersey train stations and bus stops, including Edison.

According to Edison Mayor Sam Joshi, two migrant buses made a stop in Edison, but they were asked to leave.

Several buses of migrants stopped in New Jersey over the past few days, in a bid to sidestep New York City’s recent order to limit arrivals.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams issued an executive order last week to limit when and how charter bus companies can drop off busloads of migrants.

The order requires a 32-hour notice and a five-day-a-week schedule. But rather than comply the buses from Texas started dropping off migrants in New Jersey communities.

Around 10 buses from Texas and one from Louisiana arrived at various transit points in New Jersey including Edison, Secaucus, Trenton and Fanwood.

Since Saturday, close to 400 migrants have arrived at these locations, officials said.

Mayor Joshi told Patch that on the first day, Dec. 30, 2023, the administration had no idea of the migrant buses at the Edison train station and they got the information from other sources.

The migrants had arrived on chartered buses and then made their way to New York City via NJ Transit.

On the second day, Edison Police encountered another bus and informed the migrants that Edison train station was not a 24-hour stop.





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