NEW LEVEL OF ABSURDITY: Obama Gives Mexico $75 Million to Build a Southern Border Wall

If border walls are so ineffective, why is Obama giving Mexico $75 million dollars to help build one?  Not only republicans are outraged, but liberals are too.  Liberals are up in arms because they see it as an admission that borders walls work and will make it harder for them and their RINO allies like Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy from keeping the border wide open.

You could make the argument that a southern border wall in Mexico will halt some of the illegals coming into the United States, but then it would beg the question, “Why not build a wall on our southern border and stop all illegal immigration?”  This seems like the first thing both parties can agree on albeit for very different reasons.

Mexico wants the wall to keep illegals out from some of the Central and South American countries who would rather settle in Mexico than to continue into the United States.  After all, they don’t have the same language barrier and jobs in Mexico have increased greatly since Obama has become president and chased manufacturing out of the country with over regulation and rapidly increasing energy prices.

From The Conservative Tribune:

A reported 175,000 Central Americans were deported from Mexico last year, and this year that number has gotten close to 100,000 already.

The money went to equipment and training to help Mexico secure its border to the south. Ultimately, Obama’s



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