New York Mayor Eric Adams Now Suing Bus Companies for Bringing Illegal Immigrants to the City

Published January 5, 2024

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is so desperate to stop the flow of illegal border crossers into the city that he is now suing the bus companies for transporting them there. So much for being a sanctuary city.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is doing the same thing.

Bus companies are not the problem here. Joe Biden is the source of the problem, but these cowards can’t go after him because Biden is the default leader of their party.

Hot Air reports:


NYC Mayor Adams Sues Bus Companies Transporting Illegal Aliens from Texas

New York City Major Eric Adams announced on Thursday that he is filing a lawsuit against more than a dozen bus and transportation companies that are involved in busing illegal immigrants to his city. He seeks hundreds of millions of dollars as reimbursement for caring for the illegals in his sanctuary city.

This move is the latest in his battle with Texas Governor Greg Abbott who promises to keep sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities until Joe Biden secures the southern border. Adams asked for the illegals. He campaigned on running a sanctuary city. His voters voted for it. He is unwilling to change, why should Governor Abbott?…

Adams was eager to show how down he is with being a sanctuary city mayor until he actually was the mayor of a sanctuary city. Adams, to make things even worse, is a former cop. What in the world is he thinking? Illegal immigration is not law and order. It destroys communities. He bragged that NYC was ready and able to support illegals.

This is big change from what Eric Adams said back in 2021.



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Eric Adams speaks during a children’s aid event on Friday.
Published January 5, 2024

If Mayor Adams is going to start filing Hail Mary lawsuits over the city’s migrant crisis, why stop at a few bus companies?

Go big, sir: Sue the feds!

It may be tough to make a case that won’t get kicked right out of court, but at least it’ll put New York City’s plight in the national headlines.

After all, the $700 million lawsuit against the bus companies transporting migrants from Texas to the Big Apple is self-evidently hopeless.

It’s based on a state law that says: “Any person who knowingly brings, or causes to be brought a needy person from out of state into this state for the purpose of making him a public charge . . . shall be obligated to convey such person out of state or support him at his own expense.”

The bus companies need only show that they’re not out to make any “asylum seeker” a public charge; they’re just moving people they’re paid to move: That’s what charter companies do.

The city might have better luck suing the folks chartering the buses — except that means going after not just Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, but also Catholic Charities and the other nonprofits that do most of the chartering, which would make for terrible headlines.

Even then, the charities (and Abbott!) can argue that their purpose is simply to get the migrants where they want to go — it’s not their fault if that’s New York.




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The New York City mayor announced a lawsuit against 17 charter bus companies he says participated in “bad faith” conduct by going along with Abbott’s plan “without any regard for the individuals they were transporting.”

Migrants arrive at The Roosevelt Hotel, the main processing center in New York City, via charter bus. | Jason Beeferman/POLITCO
Published January 4, 2024

NEW YORK — Mayor Eric Adams is suing 17 Texas charter bus companies in his latest move to thwart Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s policy of busing thousands of migrants from his state’s border to New York City.

The lawsuit seeks $708 million to cover the costs of caring for migrants transported to the city, the mayor said.

“New York City has and will always do our part to manage this humanitarian crisis, but we cannot bear the costs of reckless political ploys from the state of Texas alone,” Adams said in a video accompanying the announcement. “Texas Governor Abbott’s continued use of migrants as political pawns is not only chaotic and inhumane but makes clear he puts politics over people.”

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul expressed support for the lawsuit, accusing Abbott of using “human beings as political pawns” in a statement.

“It’s about time that the companies facilitating his actions take responsibility for their role in this ongoing crisis,” Hochul added.

The move comes a week after Adams announced an executive order restricting how charter buses can drop off migrants in the city. In it, he required bus companies to notify his administration 32 hours in advance and drop off migrants only between 8:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. on weekdays at a specific Manhattan location.





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