New York Times Wants It Even Colder

Image: INSANITY: NY Times’s Klein Ponders Having To ‘Dim The Sun’ To Fight Climate Change (the “man made” – part of climate change that doesn’t exist – in the real world)

Related: Reducing CO2 in the atmosphere would require COVID-like lockdowns for decades, climate scientists warn

Video: Tony Heller


New Mexico Democrats Struggling with Biden’s Climate Action Fossil Fuel Bans

EU Lagging Behind In GHG Cuts

Journal Nature Refutes PIK’s Fantasy-Rich Science That A Warmer Arctic Causes Extreme Cold Snaps

The stupidity, the insanity, the dishonesty and corruption of the left never takes a break. If you ask me, insane people should be kept in institutions, the way it used to be, because then we wouldn’t have a criminal, Beijing whore in the WH.

President Trump won the Nov 3 election, not the FRAUD, Beijing Joe!


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President Trump Won!!

“Liberals” – Why are you so fucking stupid??


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