NFL Quarter Back is ATTACKED by Liberals After Saying Rioters are “HYPOCRITES”

NFL quarterback Cam Newtown had liberal heads EXPLODING when he said that the Charlotte BLACK LIVES MATTER rioters are hypocrites.

From The Daily Caller:

Newton — who unlike many of his peers has expressed reticence about taking strong, political stances in the past — said that as a black man, he understands the frustration many in the black community are currently feeling.

“I know from being a black person, it’s a lot of black people that don’t do right by black people,” Newton explained. “So you can’t be a hypocrite and just say ‘oh, well, a white man or a white police officer killed a black man.’”

“Now, that’s still messed up,” he clarified. “I’m not saying it’s okay. I’m just saying we just still got to be, you know, have a clear-eyed vision on both sides.”



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