No One Wants To Pay “Voluntary Taxes” in Norway (Updated 13.07.2017)

Norway introduced a “Voluntary tax” last month that has only managed to raise the equivalent of 1,325 USD.

It seems like the people of Norway are content with their nearly 40% income tax and are not looking to give charitably (or otherwise) to their government any more than that.

Conservative leaders started the initiative in the wake of criticism that tax cuts made by the Norwegian parliament’s center-right coalition favor the wealthy. In western countries, Norway draws the most tax revenue, per capita, than any other nation, save the tiny state of Luxembourg.

The level of taxation in Norway is still visually shocking, even after conservative cuts.

Norway, a socialist/state-capitalist Scandinavian state, has struggled to feed its nation’s addiction to socialization and is slowly liberalizing its economy.

But Norway still has a lot to learn about spending. Much like American conservatives, the Norwegian right-wing can’t seem to oppose both ends of the “tax & spend” model. Government expenditures in the non-EU state are still steadily rising, and conservatives have, so far, been content to supplement the national bill with nationalized oil industry profits.

Left-leaning members of government in Norway, like Jonas Gahr Store, have said that tax cuts in the nation only benefit the wealthy, citing his own decreed tax obligation. Store, who is worth 8 Million USD, did not participate in the voluntary tax meant to placate him.

Norway, home of Liberstad, one of the world’s first burgeoning libertarian utopias, should not be taken as an example of failed charitable taxation. Instead, onlookers should focus on the fact that supporters of higher taxes are not, themselves, willing to contribute to their own proposed socialized state.

How could anyone paying over a third of their income to their government possibly be asked to pay more willingly? It is probably hard for anyone in Norway to the communal benefit from personally higher taxes, especially when the nation’s primary profit source already goes to footing the government bill.

The experiment of Liberstad will inevitably provide evidence for or against the possibility of an arnarcho-capitalist state, and consequently, willful public-service payment. There will be an obvious juxtaposition on the borders of Liberstad with its host nation, in any event. What could better scientific test the real-world be offered?

Ref.:  No One Wants To Pay “Voluntary Taxes” in Norway

As predicted a few days ago:

Socialists has always used envy as a weapon to impose high taxes on everybody and everything

Jonas Gahr Støre, as predicted, didn’t pay anything ..

Norway Implements Voluntary Tax & Brings In Just $1,325 – THIS Is Why


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