NOAA Tamper With NY Temperatures Again

Image: US Global Warming Data is Fake

By Paul Homewood


According to the heavily adjusted NOAA data, last month was the fifth warmest February on record in the Central Lakes Division of NY State, with an average mean temperature of 31.4F.

Prior to 1981, the warmest was February 1954, which averaged 29.8F. In other words, NOAA claim that February 1954 was 1.6F colder than last month.

Which all looks very suspicious, because the opposite picture is shown at the high quality station of Ithaca Cornell University:



At Cornell, Feb 1954 averaged 30.4F, compared to 30.1F this year.

So 1954 was in fact 0.3F warmer. Compared with NOAA’s claim that last month was 1.6F warmer, this means that NOAA’s figures show 1.9F more warming than the record at Cornell.

Of course, there may be some small differences between Cornell and the Central Lakes division as a whole. However, Central Lakes (Division 10) is only a very small part of NY State, and it is not conceivable that variation within the division could account for a discrepancy of 1.9F.

In any event, as we already know, nearly all of the USHCN stations in Central Lakes confirm that NOAA’s dataset bears no relationship to actual station data, and massively increases the warming trend.


Cornell is also regarded as such a high quality site, that the Northeast Regional Climate Center have given it its own “Ithaca Climate Page”, clearly believing it is representative of NY as a whole.

In short, Ithaca Cornell is not some backyard amateur operation, but a very carefully maintained, long running record.

NOAA’s own station metadata confirms there has been no more than a minor change in location since 1954:


And observing times have been during the morning throughout the record, meaning that the usual excuse for tampering used by NOAA’s apologists, Time of Observation Bias, does not wash.


If you take 1.9F off the current temperatures shown by NOAA, there is nothing unusual about the temperature last month.

Quite simply, NOAA’s graph is fake.


100% Data Tampering