NYC reaches deal on ‘right to shelter’ mandate as migrant crisis reaches tipping point

Published March 15, 2024

New York City will be allowed to continue limiting shelter stays under a settlement struck Friday in the legal fight over the “right to shelter” mandate – but will still be on the hook to house the thousands of migrants pouring into the Big Apple each week.

Under the deal reached by the Mayor Eric Adams administration and the Legal Aid Society, the city will essentially be allowed to limit whether a single adult migrant can reapply for shelter after their 30-day stay expires.

After their 30 days is up, anyone can reapply, but only those who have a disability or meet a list of “extenuating circumstances” – such as recovering from a serious medical procedure or making a “significant” effort to find a new home – will be approved on a case-by-case basis, the settlement says.

Younger adult migrants, aged between 18 and 23 years, will now have up to 60 days in the shelter system before they are booted, per the deal.

Migrant families with kids, however, won’t be affected and can reapply – like they currently can — for shelter after getting their 60-day eviction notice without having to meet required circumstances.

The settlement, signed by Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gerald Lebovits, marks the end of a drawn out legal fight over the decades-old mandate that requires the city to provide a bed for anyone that requests one.



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New York Mayor Eric Adams speaks during a press conference about several charges for migrants involved in a Times Square brawl with police, Thursday, Feb. 8, 2024, in New York. Looking on is Mnahattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)


Published March 14,  2024

New York City is spending about $387 per day per migrant to provide food and shelter to the 64,800 migrants in the city, according to data from NYC City Hall.

February’s number is down $5 from an October count when the city was housing 65,400 migrants. That number peaked in November, hitting $391 per day per migrant. These numbers do not reflect the cost of other services like medical care and education

“In the last two months, Mayor Adams has laid out plans to save billions of taxpayer dollars as New York City manages a national humanitarian crisis, and the numbers show that our efforts are working,” a City Hall spokesperson told The New York Post Tuesday. 

He also said the city expects to “save $2.3 billion by next summer.” Mayor Eric Adams is looking to bring the cost per day per migrant down to $352 by fiscal year 2025. 

Adams called on city agencies to cut spending to an initial 5% last November — and then a further 5% in January in response to the migrant crisis. 

“Commercial hotels are an incredibly expensive way to provide shelters,” Department of Social Services commissioner Molly Wasow Park said. 




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