Obama set to establish a post-presidential first

Doesn’t look like Barry O. Bummer from Kenya will be going away any time soon. He haven’t caused enough problems, obviously ..

From Allen B. West

American tradition and decorum for transfer of power from one presidential administration to the next has been that the outgoing president stays out of the way and allows the incoming president to run his show. It’s always been that way.

Upon leaving office in 2009 no one — not the conservative press, nor the liberal press, nor even his own family members — could get George W. Bush to comment on Barack Obama, or the job he was doing in the White House. Bush flatly refused to offer opinions, do guest commentary, op-eds — nothing other than to say, “It’s his show to run now.”

Such has always been the case. Until now.

The Hill and other sources are reporting a big splash Barack Obama is preparing to make with his inaugural Obama Foundation Summit to be held next month in Chicago:

Former President Barack Obama announced in a new video Wednesday that he will gather together civic leaders from around the world next month to take part in the inaugural Obama Foundation Summit.

The summit in Chicago will allow young leaders to exchange ideas and learn from one another, Obama said in a video released Wednesday.

“We want to inspire and empower people to change the world,” Obama says at the end of his video message. “And we hope you’ll be a part of it.”

The summit will take place in the city that will host Obama’s presidential library and his presidential center.

And of course it wouldn’t be an Obama announcement without pictures and videos of Obama talking about Obama:

The Hill concludes:

“Obama left office in January and since then has seen President Trump take aim at many of his policies.

Trump sought to repeal the Affordable Care Act, has pulled the United States out of the Paris climate agreement and just last week started to wind down Obama’s program allowing people who entered the country illegally as minors to remain and work here.

Obama has spoken out against many of Trump’s moves as they have happened.

With the summit, Obama said he and his wife Michelle Obama want to “hear directly from the future leaders we want to cultivate.”

“And what makes me so hopeful, so optimistic, is that so many of you have shown up, dived in and embraced the kind of active citizenship that makes our democracy work,” he said.”

He just can’t go away, can’t sit down quietly and allow America’s newly chosen leadership to function.

The theme of this summit, of course, is change. Oddly noteworthy, change here is Obama is breaking long-standing traditions of previous presidents staying out of the current president’s business. It’s well known that the Obamas purchased (another) home just minutes from the White House, and he continues attempts to undermine President Trump at every opportunity.

This is blatant. Announcing a plan that “will bring together hundreds of leaders from all around the world” to the US, with chances being good, probably about 100%, that one of those world leaders will not be invited — the president of the United States.

This Summit will highlight liberal agenda items such as social justice, income inequality, and man-made climate change — regurgitating the talking points of the last eight years — and, undoubtedly will include no small number of barbs, both direct and discreet, at our president. It’s clearly a new day in post-presidential politics, and its being brought to you by Barack Obama.

Ref.: https://www.allenbwest.com/2017/09/14/obama-post-presidential-first/


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