OFFICIAL ABC LIVE POLL: More Than 96% Of The Trump Supporters Are Still Supporting Him, Are You One Of Them?

Like Trump say, it’s about common sense politics, not about him as a person, he’s just the messenger ..

We decided to create a poll to see if Donald Trump supporters are still supporting him, the results we’re fascinating, 96% of the voters said that they still support Donald Trump and that they are happy with their choice, the rest 4% of the voters said that they are no longer support for the Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Donald Trump enjoys the support from 96% of his supporters, which indicates that he is still trustworthy in the eyes of the American people. As we all know that Trump doesn’t have any political career in his life, that doesn’t stop the Trump supporters to continue with their support, they won’t pick another candidate in the 2016 elections.

“Donald Trump is the best choice for me, I support him from the beginning and will not gonna stop, I will be happy if he wins the 2016 elections.” – Said 54 years old women from California.

When we asked why did she believe so much in Donald Trump she responded “Well, we can both agree that he doesn’t have political experience, but he is experienced in many other areas, he is successful in his life and I am pretty sure that he will do the same with America.”.

Will the supporters gonna continue supporting Donald Trump we must wait and see, we will update our vote results again, stay tuned. If you are satisfied with the results of our study you can go ahead and share our article so a lot of American people will have a chance to see the study.

More Than 96% Of The Trump Supporters Are Still Supporting Him, Are You One Of Them?

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