Orlando Shooter’s Wife Seen In Court Making Gesture No One Was Prepared For

The saga of Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen and his wife, Noor Salman, just got even stranger. On Wednesday, Salman pleaded not guilty in an Oakland, California, courtroom. Her hearing lasted less than fifteen minutes, but she still managed to find a way to make headlines with her odd behavior — something she seems to be quite good at.

In what had to have been one of the biggest ‘WTF’ moments in all of courtroom history, Salman blew a kiss as she pleaded not guilty to helping her husband commit an unspeakable act of terrorism last year. According to RedStateWatcher, the sign of affection was aimed at her own uncle. Before blowing the kiss, Salman didn’t utter a single word in court, as she appeared pale and demure in a red Alameda County jail top and pants.

For his part, Salman’s uncle appears to be trying to paint his niece as a victim in this case, not a terrorist, as she is widely viewed by the American people. Al Salman told the media that his niece is “a soft, sweet girl.” Yeah, right.

A source close to the investigation revealed pertinent information which was previously unknown, telling Fox News on Tuesday that Salman had been out shopping with Mateen the night before the shooting when he bought five containers of ammunition at Walmart. The source also added that Salman’s social media posts indicated her support for ISIS.

Salman is due back in court on February 1, when a judge will consider granting her bail. However, considering the fact that she ran from law enforcement the first time around, it would seem an unlikely scenario for any judge to grant her the ability to pull the same stunt again. She is a radical Muslim, though, and we have seen many a U.S. judge show leniency towards those types under the leadership of Barack Obama.

Do you think there’s any way at all this woman is truly innocent? If she had nothing to hide, why run from the law in the first place. If you ask me, they’ll be able to convict her for more than a bit of sultry courtroom activity.

Ref.: http://madworldnews.com/orlando-shooter-wife-court-gesture/



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