Pelosi Says Press SABOTAGED Election by Reporting on Wikileaks Emails

Nancy Pelosi, like most liberals, would prefer it if the press completely ignored the TRUTH and just reported liberal propaganda stories.

They almost have their wish; as our liberal media is a total clown show of liberal publicity.

Pelosi claims that our press undermined the election by reporting on ACTUAL FACTS from the Wikileaks emails.

We desperately need term limits.


Remember when CNN’s Chris Cuomo lied to the American public, saying it was ILLEGAL to read  Wikileaks “hacked” emails?




For years the Democrats wanted Trump to run for President, #Hilloccio and Rape Enthusiast Billy Bob Clinton encouraged Trump, directly and indirectly, to run for President. We now know why, they had a lot of stuff lined up, bad press and hit pieces. The media, DNC, Barry O. Bummer, FBI etc was colluding and rigging the election.

Wire tapping, ., MSM., voter fraud, lies and smear, every dishonest and illegal dirty trick they could think of they used ..

Even 1,9 million dead people and 18 million illegals came out voting for #Hilloccio .. Still she lost ..



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