PELOSI’S HACKED EMAIL SHOWS TOP-SECRET Memo To Staffers: Make #BLM Activists Think Dems Are On Their Side, But Don’t Let Them Come In Large Groups…”DO NOT Say ‘ALL Lives Matter!”

Docs leaked by Guccifer 2.0 show a memo from Nancy Pelosi giving directions to her minions about how to “handle” Black Lives Matter terror group.

In the memo, Pelosi is careful to tell the DCCC staff to talk to BLM members, but make sure you don’t allow them to meet with you in large numbers. In other words, feed the animals, but keep them at an arms length. This is exactly the kind of rhetoric you would expect from 5-star Nancy (who’s net worth is listed at$74.11 million). Keep them engaged so you don’t lose the Black voting block, but don’t let them get too close…

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Most notable is advising Democrats not to say ‘All lives matter’ or to talk about ‘black-on-black crime’ as this is the ‘worst thing’ to say to Black Lives Matter activists. It describes BLM as “radical”, which is pretty accurate and notes that it extends beyond questions of police brutality to “criminal justice reform”. What they leave out is they don’t want reform, they want eliminate prisons and police.

Notice also it advises: “Don’t offer support for concrete policy positions”. In other words, listen and pretend you care, while offering nothing.

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Criminals backstabbing other criminals, classic!


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