Recently inaugurated Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, held a press conference this morning to express his regrets for calling President Obama a “son of a bitch”.

Meeting the media in Manilla, he said he’s sorry if his comments came across as a personal attack on the U.S President, claiming that he had no intention of insulting M. Obama. He added that Obama was “way better than the two morons who are trying to take his place”.

“Obama is a bit of a sissy, but he’s alright,” President Duterte told reporters. “Things will get much worse after him. Hillary Clinton is a slut and a psychopath! She’s a mad cow, and Trump’s just a lying scumbag with an ugly wig!”

He also claimed that he would never meet or even shake hands with either of these “two  despicable beings”.


Meeting the press from the G20 Summit in Laos, the Philippines President insulted the two main candidates in the American presidential race.

Earlier Tuesday, Duterte had already expressed regret over his “son of a bitch” remark while referring to Obama, in a rare display of contrition by a politician whose wide arc of profanities has unabashedly targeted world figures including the pope.

Duterte also threatened to pull the Philippines out of the United Nations over criticism of his crackdown on illegal drug trade that has led to a wave of extrajudicial killings. More than 2,500 people have been killed since he took office on June 30.

The diplomatic relations between the Philippines and the United States have seriously degraded over the last few weeks, and Manilla is already taking actions to improve its relations with China.

By insulting the possible successors of Obama, President Duterte has clearly chosen to distance himself from Washington.

Source: World News Daily Report


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